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I'm Charles Stewart, a copy-editor and former logician based in Berlin, who retains his former research interests in proof theory, modal logic, applications of logic to computer science, and mathematical structures for semantics. Some of my home pages:

Skills and participation[edit]

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I'm a participant in the excellent Wikipedia:WikiProject Mathematics, the rather less successful Wikipedia:WikiProject Philosophy, and a cofounder of the near-defunct Wikipedia:WikiProject Logic. Most of my editing activity is to do with logic, and an idea of what I count to be logic can be found at User:Chalst/watchlist.

Goals and to dos[edit]

Two main goals I have at the moment: help the logic article on the road to featured article, and help Wikipedia:WikiProject Logic. Most of my edits are somewhat related to my academic interests, but I dip into music, German politics, journalism and publishing, and other articles from time to time.

I have a sort of to-do list on User:Chalst/tasks. I'm currently working on reviewing Wikipedia:Good article nominations: Talk:Rule_184/GA1.