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Believe it or not, CharacterZero is not my real name. In fact, it comes from the Phish song Character Zero off their album Billy Breathes.

Wikipedia Habits[edit]

I enjoy pressing alt-shift-x (formerly just alt-x, how I miss those days...) over and over again, and getting a flavor of what the Wikipedia has to offer. While doing this, I like to make minor corrections. I am especially fond of adding internal links to other articles. I think that extensive cross-referencing is one of the best parts of Wikipedia, and I have a desire to make it as pervasive as possible. I have started to try to enhance articles to the best of my ability. I usually try to expand stubs when I come across them. Recently I've been getting more involved with AfD discussions and Proposed merger discussions. I tend to favor inclusion when it comes to Wikipedia, but I try to be reasonable, and always enjoy a healthy discussion. Anyway, if you need help with something, just ask. Thanks for dropping by. CharacterZero | Speak 03:59, 21 May 2007 (UTC)

Useful Stuff[edit]

This is a collection of links and templates (and anything else useful). I encourage anyone who might go there to add anything they find useful. Seriously. Anything. Useful Stuff.

Created Articles[edit]


  • Shawnee Mission South
  • I've worked on the UTC articles, bolding the article names and moving the templates to the bottom of the page


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