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Sports Strategies + formations[edit]


American football strategy
Advanced NFL Stats
Air raid offense
American football plays
Bump and run coverage
Clock management
Air Coryell
Dime defense
Football Outsiders
Hard count (football)
The Hidden Game of Football
Hot Route
Hurry-up offense
Icing the kicker
New England Patriots strategy
Nickel defense
Offensive philosophy (American football)
Play calling system
Pro Football Focus
Pro-style offense
Smashmouth offense
Spread offense
Tampa 2
Triple option
Two-level defense
West Coast offense
Wildcat formation
Zone blocking
Zone defense in American football
Formation (American football)
List of formations in American football
3–3–5 defense
3–4 defense
4–3 defense
4–4 defense
46 defense
5–2 defense
5-3 defense
6-2 defense
A formation
A-11 offense
Buck-lateral series
Double-wing formation
Eight-in-the-box defense
Flexbone formation
American football coverage shells
I formation
Miami 4-3 defense
Notre Dame Box
Pistol offense
Pistol-Flex Football Formation
Prevent defense
Pro set
Seven-man line defense
Shotgun formation
Single set back
Single-wing formation
Sutherland single-wing
T formation
Trips formation
Wishbone formation
Manager (baseball)
Ace (baseball)
Batting order (baseball)
Bunt (baseball)
Closer (baseball)
Control pitcher
Double switch (baseball)
First-pitch strike
Flyball pitcher
Groundball pitcher
Infield shift
Inside baseball (strategy)
Left-handed specialist
Lefty-righty switch
Long reliever
Middle relief pitcher
Platoon system
Power pitcher
Setup pitcher
Sistema Peralta
Small ball
Wheel play
Appeal play
Catch (baseball)
Contact play
Cutter (baseball)
Double play
Force play
Hidden ball trick
Hit and run (baseball)
Knuckle curve
Sacrifice bunt
Sacrifice fly
Shagging (baseball)
Slap bunt
Squeeze play (baseball)
Tag out
Triple play
Unassisted triple play
Wall climb
1–3–1 defense and offense
2–3 zone defense
5 man weave
Back screen
Box-and-one defense
Continuity offense
Dribble drive motion
Flex offense
Fly fast break
Four corners offense
Full-court press
Grinnell System
Jordan Rules
Jump shot (basketball)
Line Defense
Man-to-man defense
Match-up zone defense
Motion offense
Nellie Ball
Pick and pop
Pick and roll
Player tracking (National Basketball Association)
Princeton offense
Run and gun (basketball)
Shuffle offense
Slasher (basketball)
Small ball (basketball)
Triangle-and-two defense
Triangle offense
UCLA High Post Offense
Wheel offense
Zone defense