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Editor here since 2003. I was Wikimedian in Residence at ContentMine, in Cambridge, working on the ScienceSource project, up to May 2019.

Double act with User:Johnbod at a Royal Society editathon


Grammar schools[edit]

List of English and Welsh endowed schools (19th century) is a vehicle for the early history of grammar schools, an area that keeps coming up.



May 2010.

To be found in Cambridge, UK. /About me for some personal details and photos from past events and years. /Interview for television work.

Main userspace areas[edit]

Stall time 2013

Meetups in Cambridge[edit]

Thursdays now past: Headway Cambridge

Systemic bias[edit]

I signed up with the 'systemic bias' project here; years later, systemic bias is still issue for WP. These days I interpret the commitment as going to work in any unpopular area.


... the "official mind", dour and consistent as it generally was in each small thing, lacked a similar consistency in larger matters, (or, indeed, in attempting to generate policies applicable to a multitude of small things).[1]


See User talk:Charles Matthews/Plaudits.

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