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Channel 2[edit]

Ch 2 as Ch 5, 1949?: "page 80"

Ch 2 info:

Ch 2 info:

On-air March 15. 1949; Basic NBC in 1949; April 27, 1953 moved to ch. 2; September 1, 1954 the "ABC primary affiliate".

Ch 2, 1969:

Ch 2, 1969:

Ch 2, allegedly 1973-1984

Ch 2, July 10-16, 1976 (TV Guide):

Ch 2, 1976 Grinnell purchase:,9171,920003,00.html

Ch 2, 1980: Grinnel/Hearst make initial agreement:,

Ch 2, 1981: Yes, this was a pre-Hearst, Grinnell ABC logo:

Ch 2, ~ 8/3/81 Hearst purchase goes through, acc to,

Ch 2, ~9/14/81, "Hearst deal closed last week":

Site w/various WDTN:

Grinnell's(?) Channel 2:

Ch 2, 1987:

Channel 2, 5/7/90 from .lt above:

Channel 2, Julie Chen, 2/23/96 from .lt above:

Ch 2, Sunrise Television?:

Ch 2, 12/24/99: VICTORIOUS, YET TUMULTUOS, YEAR IN LOCAL BROADCASTING -- AUGUST: -- Cincinnati's WCPO-TV removes its signal from the local Time Warner (formerly MediaOne) cable system, paving the way for Dayton's Channel 2 to take over that spot in an effort to improve its reception to cable subscribers in Dayton and its south suburbs. There's a downside to the move, however, because viewers will lose two popular soap operas - General Hospital and One Life to Live - which air on Channel 9. They express their displeasure by deluging Channel 2 and the Dayton Daily News with calls and letters.

Ch 2, 5/22/1999, still using Hearst/Argyle logo. Acc. to Hearst, sold WDTN in 99:

Ch 2, 7/17/2000 Dayton, Ohio -- By Eileen Davis Hudson -- Publication: Mediaweek

WDTN-TV, the ABC affiliate owned by St. Petersburg, Fla.-based Sunrise Television (a division of media giant Hicks, Muse), has also been making a push to win more viewers. The station had a long-standing problem with its distribution on cable, which cost the station thousands of viewers on a regular basis. In addition, WDTN also suffered from signal overlap from the ABC affiliate in Cincinnati, WCPU-TV. Sunrise was able to resolve its cable distribution problem by having its signal position switched from Channel 2 to Channel 9 (the station's over-the-air signal remains on Channel 2). And in a deal that benefitted both outlets, WDTN agreed to eliminate all of its cable clearance in the Cincinnati area and WCPU agreed to keep its signal off Dayton-area cable systems. The pact was finalized in January in a new retransmission consent agreement with Time Warner Cable.

Ch 2, current logo but ABC:

Ch 2, similar:

Ch 2, 1/31/03: from

Channel 7[edit]

Ch 7, 1969:

Channel 7 in '70's:

Ch 7, 11/10/2001:

"WHIO-TV began transmitting its digital signal on channel 41-1 in October 2001.":

Circle 7 w/break, ~2007?:

Ch 7, 11/22/10 -- Facebook Photo -- Unbroken Circle 7 on News Center 7 set.!/photo.php?fbid=167421679956071&set=a.167420916622814.34398.107837429247830&pid=396055&id=107837429247830

Ch 7, 12/12/10 TV, radio stations move into Cox Media Center -- Cox’s radio stations — WHIO, WZLR and WHKO — broadcast their first live radio signals from CMG Ohio’s Media Center at 1611 S. Main St. last week. WHIO-TV (Channel 7) was slated to start broadcasting its television programming from the Media Center at 2 a.m. today.

Ch 7, 12/12/10 WHIO-TV will begin broadcasting from Main Street at 2:35am, immediately following this episode of "Bones." -- December 12, 2010 at 1:58am

Channels 16/14[edit]

Ch 16 as WKTR:

Broadcasting (& Cable) magazine, 3/17/69: -- All but sold -- Firm yes or no (probably yes) on ABC's bid to acquire WKTR-TV Kettering (Dayton), Ohio, is expected momentarily. Deal for channel 16 independent, reportedly at price between $1.5 million and $2 million (Broadcasting, Feb. 3, 24), has been set -- subject to approval by board of WKTR-TV owner, Kittyhawk Television Corp. (plus, as always, subsequent approval by FCC). Kittyhawk board is slated to vote on it today (March 17).

Ch 16 as WKTR:

Week of March 22, 1969 -- ABC’s purchase of UHF station WKTR (channel 16) in Dayton is snafued by rival UHF station WKEF (channel 22). It seems that WKEF already carries a number of ABC-TV programs, some at a loss. The WKEF complaint would most likely take a few years to iron out, so ABC is backing-out of the purchase.

Ch 16 as WKTR - ABC, 1970 Game Show Forum, Vintage 1970 Game Show ad, WKTR-TV 16, Kettering (Dayton) Oh. May 1970:

Cleveland Classic Media: A Look Back:April 1970

Ch 16/14, 4/25/98:

Ch 16 (01/12/2002?):

Ch 16, 9/21/03: from

Ch 14 (01/12/2002?):

Ch 14, 8/22/06: from

Ch 16/14, 2007:

Ch 16, 2011: HD: Again: Life: Ohio: DT:

Ch 14, 2011: HD: DT: Prime: Learn: World:

Channel 22[edit]"wkef"

Change from WONE-TV to WKEF(TV) ~January 9-15, 1964"wkef"

Owned by Springfield Television, whose owner, William L. Putnam, is well known as a practitioner and supporter of UHF television."wkef" Dayton, Ohio, has three—not two—local commercial television stations. We know because one of them is ours. WKEF(TV), channel 22, carries programs from all three networks.

Dr. Creep: Old ABC 22 (exists on Wikimedia)

Ch 22, includes '84, '04 as NBC, "new" ABC 22.,%20oh%20%20%20343%20mi.html

WKEF 1987:

WKEF, early 90s?:

22, goofy, 1998:

22 (&5), 2000:

22, 3/2000:

22&45, 2/01:

Ch 22, 2/9/02: from

Ch 22, 9/25/02:

22&45, 10/02:

Ch 22, 03-11-03:

Ch 22, DDN, Access to Fox 45, ABC 22 in doubt, November 12, 2010 Ch 22, DDN, Time Warner will keep some Fox TV shows, December 6, 2010 Ch 22, DDN, Warner will keep some Fox TV shows, December 7, 2010 Ch 22, DDN, National ABC, Fox shows to stay on Time Warner, December 31, 2010 Ch 22, DDN, Contract talks extended, no cable TV interruption, December 31, 2010 Ch 22, DDN, Time Warner extends contract talks with ABC, Fox stations, January 14, 2011 Ch 22, DDN, Sinclair, Time Warner Cable talks stretch on, January 29, 2011 Ch 22, DDN, Time Warner confident it can reach deal with broadcaster by end of day, January 29, 2011

Channel 26[edit]

Ch 26, WSWO-TV:

Ch 26, WTJC, late 80s-early 90s?:

Ch 26, 7/17/2000 Dayton, Ohio -- By Eileen Davis Hudson -- Publication: Mediaweek

While UPN still has limited clearance in Dayton, the WB has enjoyed a boost since the June 1999 launch of a new WB affiliate, WBDT-TV, owned by St. Louis-based Acme Communications. Dayton previously had a low-powered WB affiliate, WUCT-TV, which few viewers knew existed because it was virtually impossible to pick up over the air and was not available on cable. Seeing an opportunity, Acme purchased former Paxson Communications Pax TV station WDPX in Dayton and converted it to a WB affiliate. The most popular Pax network shows, including reruns of Touched by an Angel and Diagnosis Murder, still air in WBDT's daytime lineup from 9 a.m. to noon weekdays and on weekends from midnight to 3 a.m. Acme moved the station from an old broadcast facility in Springfield, about 30 miles from Dayton, to Miamisburg, which is just across the city line. The new state-of-the-art facility is digital-ready. With the relaunch of the station, Acme also hired 10 additional staffers.

Ch 26, WBDT, 2001:

Ch 26, By late summer 2003, started to call "Dayton's WB". By September, logo had changed.

Ch 26, 11/23/03:

Ch 26, 3/14/06: CW outlet will be WBDT -- New network begins broadcasts in September

WBDT is the local WB station and WHIO runs UPN programming on its alternate channel, UPN-17. Both had hoped to land the new network.

MVC, UPN 44, UPN 17[edit]

MVC debuted 9/19/94

MVC 1/16/95, 9PM 30 minute news

MVC, 9/9/96:


WHIO-TV will move the evening newscast from 9 to 10 p.m. on its Miami Valley Channel, which is offered locally on Continental and Viacom Cable on Channel 44. First News at 10 premieres Sept. 23, with Shawn Ley, Warren Madden and Mike Hartsock continuing as anchor, meteorologist and sports reporter. Station manager Don Kemper said the move is an effort to boost viewership. ... MVC also repeats the noon, 6 and 11 p.m. Channel 7 newscasts immediately following the broadcasts.

MVC 9/4/97

TCI SWAPS SYSTEM -- The Dayton franchise will belong to Time Warner after approval. -- ... TCI, which bought Viacom Cablevision's Dayton operation a little more than a year ago Therefore, it is irrelevant that "UPN was partly owned by Viacom" as of 10/5/98 in the article

MVC 12/24/97 -- LEY LEAVES WHIO FOR PHOENIX -- anchor of the 10 p.m. news program on the Miami Valley Channel

MVC 2/14/98 OHIO TROOPER NOMINATED FOR POLICE HONOR ...Herdtner on 44 ... Paul Herdtner, a consumer reporter and substitute anchor at WHIO-TV (Channel 7), has been appointed to the anchor position for the First News at 10 show on Miami Valley Cable Channel 44. ... Herdtner, a Channel 7 reporter since 1996, replaces Shawn Ley, who has left the station. Herdtner will continue to do his "consumer alert" reports on Channel 7.

MVC to UPN article 10/2/98 CHANNEL 44 GROWS IN TV WORLD

MVC (cable Channel 44) will continue its 10 p.m. local newscast

MVC 10/5/98 becomes UPN:


United Paramount Network began in 1995 with `Star Trek: Voyager' and has been seen late-night.

Cable Channel 44 will begin airing United Paramount Network (UPN) programming on Oct. 5. The network, which made its debut on Jan. 16, 1995... Previously, programming on the upstart network - which is vying to take viewers from CBS, NBC, ABC, Fox and WB - could be seen in the Dayton area only late at night on WRGT (Channel 45)...

MVC, 8/3/99 -- TIME WARNER TAKES OVER AREA FRANCHISES -- With the acquisition of the MediaOne properties, it has 400,000 Western Ohio customers. -- Time Warner Inc. will move its Western Ohio headquarters to Kettering from Lima now that the company has completed its acquisition of the local TCI and MediaOne cable television franchises. ... Time Warner completed the deal with TCI on June 1. It took ownership of the MediaOne properties Monday.

MVC, 10/21/1999: NewsCenter 7's First News at Ten


MVC, 7/17/2000 Dayton, Ohio -- By Eileen Davis Hudson -- Publication: Mediaweek

WHIO also operates the Miami Valley Channel, which serves as Dayton's UPN affiliate, via an agreement with cable operator Time Warner. MVC (and UPN programming) is available only on cable in just three area counties: Greene, Montgomery and Clark. The channel, which has been on the air since 1994, rebroadcasts WHIO's newscasts on a delayed basis and produces its owns live 10 p.m. newscast.

MVC, 8/16/2000: NewsCenter 7's First News at Ten

MVC(?), 4/4/01 `BUFFY' AND CAST ARE MOVING TO UPN IN THE FALL It's official: Buffy the Vampire Slayer is moving to UPN (Miami Valley Channel 44).

UPN 44, 6/28/01 CABLE UPGRADES CAUSE SUBSCRIBERS TO FLIP For example, the `Family' grouping locates TV Land, Nickelodeon, the Disney Channel, UPN-44, Cartoon Network and Fox Family between channels 41-47.

UPN 44, 8/31/01 NO GRIPES MEAN FEW CALLERS The half-hour show is rebroadcast at 4:30 p.m. every Sunday on the Miami Valley Channel (UPN 44).

Wayback wouldn't show, but by 09 or 10/2002, called "UPN 44" or "UPN-44":

By then, "First News @ 10". No NewsCenter 7 repeats. Sched showed PAX listings.

UPN 44 (11-23-03): Broken 4's, as in Circle 7.

UPN 17 6/12/04:


Donna Jordan will be moving to a 10 p.m. newscast, anchoring WHIO-TV's newly named NewsCenter 7 at 10 on Time Warner Cable's UPN, Channel 17. The 10 p.m. news broadcast, which has been on the air for a decade as First News at 10, will include other well-known faces, including chief meteorologist Jamie Simpson and sports director Mike Hartsock. The title and staffing changes come in conjunction with a location move for WHIO-TV's local UPN affiliate. Since June 1, the UPN station formerly found on Time Warner Cable's Channel 44 has been found on Channel 17 for the majority of the Montgomery and Greene counties' Time Warner subscribers. The remaining subscribers will get UPN on Time Warner Cable Channel 6, effective July 1.

UPN 17, 07/02/04: Out of date, website still calling UPN 44. ... Cara Zinksi is originally from Pittsburgh, but is a proud University of Dayton alumnus and Miami Valley resident. Cara anchors NewsCenter 7's First News at Ten on UPN 44 and reports on NewsCenter 7's Nightbeat at 11 p.m.

UPN 17 (aka UPN 17-6) by 07/08/2004:

UPN 17: Broken Numbers, as in Circle 7.

UPN 17, 3/14/06: -- Same entry for WBDT -- CW outlet will be WBDT -- New network begins broadcasts in September

WBDT is the local WB station and WHIO runs UPN programming on its alternate channel, UPN-17. ... Both had hoped to land the new network. NewsCenter 7 at 10 p.m. will continue to air on Channels 6 and 17 until fall, according to Harry Delaney, Channel 7's vice president and general manager. "Another new network, My Network TV, is being developed by Fox," Delaney said. "As a FOX product My Network TV will appeal to a broader audience and is a viable option for us.

05/04/06 is the last time website mentions UPN 17.

MVC 7/26/06:

Miami Valley Channel to sign off at end of year

When UPN announced in January that it would stop network broadcast operations this September, WHIO-TV tried forging an affiliation with new broadcast networks CW Network and My Network TV. At the same time, WHIO-TV made efforts toward a renewal agreement with Time Warner to ensure that one of the new networks would be carried on MVC, but the offer was declined and the networks subsequently offered other Dayton affiliations.

MVC 12/8/06:

NewsCenter 7's Donna Jordan Announces Retirement

Newscenter 7 anchor Donna Jordan will retire from WHIO-TV at the end of the year to embark on an important new venture in the non-profit sector. Donna Jordan is the co-anchor of Newscenter 7's 5:30pm and 11pm newscasts, and anchor of the 10pm news on MVC 17.

MVC 12/9/06:

Donna Jordan to retire from Channel 7 -- She is to become chairwoman and executive director of the Launch Foundation.

You won't find Donna Jordan double-guessing her retirement on Dec. 31 from WHIO-TV, Channel 7, where she's been Newscenter 7 anchorwoman the past 11 years. Not that she doesn't love the high-profile job as co-anchor of the 5:30 and 11 p.m. newscasts that has earned her an Emmy award and landed her some nifty special assignments. ... Before working at Channel 7, Jordan was anchorwoman at rival news station WDTN-TV, Channel 2.

Channel 51/40[edit]

Ch (51) 40 find details on WB affiliation, move to WB 26.

51, 1/9/95: HODGE LEADS WARNER BROS. CHARGE INTO PRIME TIME -- Local yokels who get WGN on their cable system can watch Wilmington native Stephanie Hodge's latest sitcom. It's Unhappily Ever After, starring Hodge and Geoff Pierson as a dysfunctional couple going through divorce. The show debuts at 8:30 p.m. Wednesday on the new Warner Bros. mini-network. --

Ch 51, 12/1/95: NEW OUTLET OFFERS TV IN DAYTON -- LOW-POWER STATION GETS BOOST FROM CABLE TIE-IN -- Dayton's first low-power television station, WUCT-TV, Channel 51, will sign on today with a big boost from Viacom Cable: A spot on the cable dial. Viacom has agreed to add WUCT to its basic-cable lineup Dec. 29 on Channel 4. That gives the fledgling station a large boost in viewership, since Viacom has 53,000 customers in Dayton, Riverside and Butler Twp. ... Continental and Time Warner Cable haven't decided whether they will add the station ... WUCT has been running test programming about two months. ... The station is affiliated with the 2-year-old Warner Bros. network, with 13 hours a week of such WB sitcoms as Kirk, The Wayans Bros., Unhappily Ever After and Sister, Sister. Other programming includes movies, wrestling, the Rolonda and Carnie Wilson talk shows and reruns of old network shows such as A Different World and Amen. The station will broadcast about 21 hours a day. Weekday hours are from 6 a.m. to 3 a.m. ...

Ch 51, 7/17/2000 Dayton, Ohio -- By Eileen Davis Hudson -- Publication: Mediaweek

While UPN still has limited clearance in Dayton, the WB has enjoyed a boost since the June 1999 launch of a new WB affiliate, WBDT-TV, owned by St. Louis-based Acme Communications. Dayton previously had a low-powered WB affiliate, WUCT-TV, which few viewers knew existed because it was virtually impossible to pick up over the air and was not available on cable. Seeing an opportunity, Acme purchased former Paxson Communications Pax TV station WDPX in Dayton and converted it to a WB affiliate.

Channel 45[edit]

Ch 45, listed as 1982, which is impossible:

Ch 45, 1986:

Ch 45, 9/18/93:


Channel 45 has made some changes for the new season, with Star Trek episodes airing at 10 p.m. Monday through Saturday. ... Star Trek: The Next Generation will air Thursdays and returns this week. ... Star Trek: Deep Space Nine will air Wednesdays and returns for another season Sept. 29. ... Fox 45 will unspool old episodes of Star Trek: TNG Mondays, Tuesdays, Fridays and Saturdays at 10.

Ch 45 as secondary UPN.

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 10/20/94:


TREK TALK: It looks as though Star Trek: Voyager will air in Dayton after all. Channel 45, which at first said the syndicated spinoff series wouldn't be picked up, now says it may be. That's because Act III Broadcasting, owner of WRGT-TV, has become a secondary affiliate of the new United/Paramount Network, which launches Voyager Jan. 16 as part of a two-night lineup that includes two sitcoms and two other drama series. Channel 45 program boss Mike Davis said he'll be firming up the local schedule soon.

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 11/12/94:


Channel 45 program boss Mike Davis confirms that Fox 45 will be carrying all the syndicated programs beamed out by the new United/Paramount mini-network. Centerpiece of the network is Star Trek: Voyager ... Some of the programs could air on Saturday afternoons, Davis said, "But I'm sure we are gonna look for a prime time for Voyager."

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 5/27/95:

6 NETWORKS MAY BE 2 TOO MANY UPN is seen in Dayton on Fox 45, which grumbles it doesn't really have room for another network and runs Legend, Marker, Platypus Man and Pig Sty from 4 to 7 p.m. Saturdays.

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 9/1/95:


...second-season premiere of Star Trek: Voyager...Most stations carried the debut Monday night...The same episode aired Thursday on Fox 45. Repeating 10pm Sunday.

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 3/14/96:


We're always looking for good news, so I'll give you the good news first about the fledgling United Paramount Network: Dayton's UPN affiliate still can't seem to find any prime-time slots for UPN programs. That means UPN's new Wednesday night lineup will be found on Channel 45 right where it belongs: between 1:30 and 3:30 in the morning (viewers who can pick up Cincinnati's Channel 64 can watch UPN in prime time on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays).

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 8/29/96:


...W E D N E S D A Y...

Star Trek: Voyager, 9 p.m. on Channel 64 and 10 p.m. next Thursday on Channel 45 (Season Premiere).

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 9/5/96:


...Star Trek: Voyager, 10 p.m., Channel 45: (Season premiere)...

Ch 45 2nd UPN, 1/9/98: New hope for 'Voyager,' 'Moesha' -- In Dayton, UPN has a secondary affiliation with Fox's WRGT-TV (Channel 45), which airs its network lineup 1-3 a.m. Tuesday-Thursday.

Ch 45, 2001:

Ch 45, ****sort****:

All Channels[edit]