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Chemistry Projects[edit]

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Chemistry resources

Here are some of the useful pages on chemistry topics: (Copied from User:Walkerma)

Other references: [German Chemie Portal] [German Kunstoff Article] to check for German polymers Kurzzeichen (Kunststoff) Abbreviations (Plastics) - has list Kunststoff Plastics - has list

Liste der Kunststoffe

Portals [[de:Portal:Chemie]] [[fr:Portail:Chimie]] [[nl:Portaal:Scheikunde]] is Netherlands is French


(Copied from Wikipedia:WikiProject Chemistry) The interesting work is being done in the following (autonomous) WikiProjects:

For finding your way around the chemistry topics, the following WikiPages may be useful:

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Projects To Do[edit]

  1. Check for Category:Organic polymers in chem-stubs
  2. Use Special:Allpages to locate polymers
  3. Chemist was number 18 on the October 29, 2005 Wikipedia:Most wanted stubs with 732 links
  4. Check Thio definition

Outside References[edit]

  1. Polymers: A Property Database see Table of Contents for list of polymers
  2. Polymer Chemistry Hypertext
  3. ChemExper Chemical Directory offers 5 ways to search for chemicals including drawing a structure
  4. ChemProfile profiles used by Chem Market Reporter
  5. Household Products Database from NIH NLM
  6. IUPAC Compendium of Chemical Terminology display as individual PDF files
  7. NIST Virtual Library - Chemistry
  8. Google Language Tools
  9. Article describing ChemDB and ChemDB itself

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Missing articles[edit]

  1. Polyacrylate resin
  2. Polyacrylics
  3. Polyamide resins
  4. Polychaete Hypothesis Polychaete hypothesis
  5. Polyembryony
  6. Polyether resins Polyether resin
  7. Polyfluoroolefin resins
  8. Polygnathiform
  9. Polygon map
  10. Polymer diode
  11. Polymer semiconductor
  12. Polymeric composite
  13. Polymer-supported reaction
  14. Polymorphic tweening
  15. Polynuclear hydrocarbon
  16. Polyolefin resins
  17. Polyphonic Prose Polyphonic prose
  18. Poly-p-xylylene resins
  19. Polysilicon LCD Polysilicon lcd
  20. Polystyrene resin
  21. Polysulfide resins
  22. Polysulfone resins
  23. Polytropic Profile Polytropic profile
  24. Polyurethane resins
  25. Polyvinyl resins