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Section editing

If you have created an account, you might notice little [edit] links on some pages. An [edit] link is shown for every heading on a page. Sometimes you will see two edit links per heading ([edit|edit source]). In that case, the [edit] link will launch the VisualEditor, a WYSIWYG editor, and the [edit source] link will launch a text based editor. You can create a level 2 heading by typing ==Headline==, a level 3 heading by typing ===Headline===, and so on, all the way up to level 5. Level 1 headings are reserved for system use only. The [edit] link lets you edit only the text that is below this heading and above the next one. This is especially useful for long talk (discussion) pages. If you do not like the [edit] links, you can turn them off in your user Preferences by disabling the VisualEditor. If you use a modern web browser, you also can enable the option Enable section editing by right clicking on section titles instead of, or in addition to, Enable section editing via [edit] links.

If you want to create a new section at the bottom of a talk page, click the New Section link in the navigation links under the heading This Page. Bonus tip: In your user Preferences under Editing you can enable section [edit] links for the lead section of articles too. Be sure to save your changes.

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