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Reef Aquariums - In pretty deep for over 10 years, now with 3 marine aquariums.

  1. A 72 gal for shallow water SPS - what some would consider experimental when lit only with T-5s, no calcium reactor and an arguably poor protein skimmer while maintaining a high LPS load and moderate SPS load.
  2. A 30 gal with T-5s for zoos, polyps, LPS, and leather softies.
  3. A 20 gal "micro" for what used to be showpiece frags, now something undecided, and completely overlit with a 175W halide.

A huge aquaculturist, I'll frag any coral for fun if someone wants to see it for their first time. Even with SPS corals, my goals are self sustaining environments capable of surviving long periods without maintenance. I don't feed any fish in any tank, ever.

Homebrewing - Much better than I give myself credit for, not as good as what others give me credit for. I typically minimash, with a high amount of grain compared to extract. Commmercial Belgian clones and Belgian style customs are my calling card, especially the Trippels. I like to think I know a little somethin' somethin' about ale yeasts, including fermentation characteristics, yeast reuse, and alcohol tolerance. Some say my ales are cleaner than commercial lagers, but I don't buy it. My setup is a 7 gal turkey fryer for mashing and boiling, various buckets for sparging, 50' copper wort chiller, six 6.5 gallon carboys for primary/secondary/tertiary fermentation, 2.8 gallon carboy for sours, multiple 0.5 gal yeast starters, three soda kegs, varitey of CO2 equipment, and a large closet.

Rock music posters and postcards - From the 60s to present, I collect it. The collection is over 100, with about 40 displayed. I started with modern styles from Derek Hess, but quickly became interested in music art history and started with Bill Graham Presents. Collection includes Hess Kozik, Jermaine, Jaeger, Forbes, Arminski, Hampton, McPherson, BG, BGP, and FD. Current focus is artist proofs, test runs, misprints, and color variations.

NFL and Kansas City Chiefs - A trip to the Superbowl would be a lifetime blessing, but two wins per year against the hated Oakland Raiders is a close second. I STRONGLY believe a yearly regular season game against the St. Louis Rams would be beneficial for fans, alternating host locations, and the league. Tailgating at Arrowhead Stadium is second to none in both the NFL and college. The end of the The Star-Spangled Banner on opening day will bring a tear to your eye as 78,000 fans scream "home of the CHIEFS" as a the B-2 Stealth Bomber flies overhead. God Bless America!

Wikipedia Focus - I primarily add content to existing articles for people, places, and events in Chicago or to my hobbies and interests. My current focus is adding content to stubs and progressing articles related to physical locations in Chicago, especially the Near North Side, and locations on the National Register of Historic Places, especially National Historic Landmarks. I consider copy editing existing articles for grammar, punctuation, and spelling to be a basic responsibility of all Wiki members. I attempt to reduce the use of the words "there" and "their" whenever possible.

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