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Comment.png  is a native English speaker (Canadian).
Icons-flag-ca.png  is from Toronto, Ontario, Canada.
Icons-flag-gb-eng.png  lives in York, North Yorkshire, England.
Book open.png  has a BMus and an MA in Music.
Money.png  is a professional soprano.
Music.png  performs a cappella and early music.
Computer-silk.png  uses Windows XP on her Toshiba laptop.
Face-smile.svg  is on Flickr, Facebook, and Twitter.
Application view icons.png  uses Firefox, Notepad++, and Photoshop.
Layout.png  is a web designer and lives here.
Tag.png  uses HTML, PHP, CSS, and standards.
Ipod.png  owns a 16GB iPod Touch and a bad phone.
Applications-multimedia.svg  watches Scrubs, Firefly, and Dr. Horrible.
Emblem-spade.svg  plays Settlers of Catan and Euchre.
Fruit-cherries.svg  loves sushi, avocados, and prosciutto.
Face-monkey.svg  owns a black cat named Sumi.