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Balance is important

GREAT NEWS!!! Bacon Challenge 2010 is underway. Thank you to everyone who made the Doughnut Drive 2009 such an enormous success!!! Last year's Kelapstick Bacon Challenge 2009 was awesome.

Born to the tumults of history...
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My proudest achievements as a Wikipedian include contributions to:

And of course my work with doughnuts (the potato doughnut article is particularly intriguing to me) and the small part I had to play in upholding Wikipedia's core neutral point of view policy by exposing the dangers of square milk jugs

Your loyal friend...

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Congratulations! Drmies (talk) 05:16, 29 May 2009 (UTC)

To work on:[edit]

[1] Photos to add.


These articles still need photos :

A Plea for Empathy

We get upset at people with conflicts of interest, but let's not forget that someone passionate about their work or a project they love may simply be coming here, naming themself after something important in their life, and trying to contribute. Empathy might soften our approach and help to guide them into becoming good faith contributers who understand the rules. Being confrontational and turning them off Wikipedia by immediately hitting them hard with templates and rule violations doesn't seem like the best approach. A little human touch and compassion would go a long way. Happy Holidays y'all!

Upload photos here Special:Upload

New welcome template that I tried, but couldn't get to work: {{subst:User:Ukexpat/Welcome1|Your username here|Your additional comment here}}

My list of LA food spots deserving Wikipedia articles:

Farmers Market (Los Angeles) A wide assortment of ethnic eateries, food stalls and specialty food shops makes this a primo destination.
Norms Restaurants One of LA's top spots for pancakes, steak and eggs, and diner food.
Joan's on Third - one of LA's premiere specialty food stores and restaurants.
Pink's Hot Dogs - LA's version of Papaya King and Gray's Papaya.
Sees Candy - An LA institution for sweets.
Pinkberry - Not my favorite, but the most famous of the latest fro-yo craze. Popping up like mushrooms after the rains.
In & Out Burger - Famous and very very popular. I prefer Tomboys.
Jamba Juice - Keep those Wheat Grass shots coming. I've got a facial in 15 minutes.
Bristol Farms - LA's version of Whole Foods.
Pink Dot - LA's version of 7-11, with delivery. Done! Thanks Law.
Clifton's Cafeteria Created by MQS!!! Good job buddy.
Drago Restaurants
Spago -Wolfgang Puck's most famous LA haunt. He also has CUT and his pizza places. I'm hoping someone will take me there soon...
Pann's -I didn't think it was that great, but the Pulp Fiction scene alone make's it notable, and it's been there a long time (in LA standards anyway)
La Brea Bakery -A top spot for breads has expanded and commercialized, and is still notable for leading the artisanal charge.
Raw Foods movement.
Trader Joe's - I know it's not unique to LA, but TJ's is a food mecca.
Souplantation - Where Angelino's go to gorge on salads and carbs.
The Ivy (Los Angeles) - Robertson Boulevard's top spot for the glitterati and the photographers who chase them.

More to come...


For the full list of articles I've created see: User:ChildofMidnight/articles

Recent article creations:



My place to put articles that may be worth restoring[edit]

Other notes[edit]

I am not fluent in WikiSpeak.

  • Ridiculous edits: Here [4], here [5], [6], here [7] here [8] here [9] and this warning and the related edit made me laugh [10].
"I can see that ChildofMidnight is an impulsive, belligerent character..."
-Another happy customer

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User:ChildofMidnight/workshop NRHP search tool. (Thanks doncram)

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