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Hello! I'm Brent. I'm currently 19 years old (as of the end of 2004.) I read obsessively and sometimes write as such, and I occationally make chain mail. I also play chess a fair bit. I practice bujinkan taijutsu and hatha yoga. This semester, I have started taking tai chi at school.

Ozzy, Steve Kilbey/The Church, and Enya are my favorite music groups. I hate the radio, mainly because of the commercials. When the radio is the only thing there is to listen to, NPR is my favorite choice.

I'm attending a community college to get a degree in physics. My eventual goal is a PhD so I can teach community college so I won't have to do research like I would at a university. With a docterate you can get a lot of money (My english teacher got 80k when he was almost working full time...) I'm one of those nerds that has an innate ability at math and logical thinking, which is one reason I'm reasonably good at chess. I was origianlly going to get a math degree, until I heard the quote by Richard Feynman: "Physics is to math what sex is to masterbation."

The alias childofdune is one I've been using for a while. It comes from Frank Herbert's Children of Dune, the third in the Dune series. Those are my favorite books of all time.