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Ian McCormack
Occupation Evangelist/Missionary
Known for Near Death Experience

Ian McCormack is a Christian evangelist and former atheist. Originally from New Zealand, he currently resides in London, England with his wife Jane and their three children[1]. Ian's personal story of life after death is the basis for his evangelism and is being made into a motion picture[2].


Ian McCormack's story began in 1980, when he left New Zealand at the age of 24 for “The Big O.E”, a New Zealand tradition of young people travelling to get some “Overseas Experience.”[3] He sought the “meaning to life” and was particularly interested in enlightenment from eastern religious teachings. Despite this interest, he became convinced through his travels that there was no life after death and this present life was all there was to live for. Later he would describe himself as a “gambling atheist” during this time. [4]

Ian's story has been accepted widely throughout the world. His experiences have been discussed and accepted almost without question.[citation needed]

After backpacking and surfing through Asia and Africa, Ian ended up on the Island of Mauritius off the coast of Africa in the Indian Ocean. He struck up a friendship with some local Creole fishermen and went night diving to catch fish. On one particular night, while diving, Ian was stung by five Box Jellyfish, specifically the deadly variety of Box Jellyfish called the Sea Wasp - Chironex fleckeri. [5] Paralyzed and dying, Ian was rushed to a hospital. While there, Ian states he experienced visions of heaven and hell, and felt Jesus empowering him to live so he might tell his story to others[6].

According to Ian's testimony, he came back to life on a slab in the morgue a full 15-20 minutes after he had been declared dead by the doctors. He was paralyzed from the neck down, but he prayed to be healed and walked out of the hospital the next day.[7]


After his experience, Ian describes how he thought he was the only one in the world who knew God. He began reading the Bible and says he was amazed to find everything he had experienced detailed within its pages. He became a missionary and ministered to indigenous tribes in southeast Asia where he met his future wife and fellow missionary, Jane. After they were married, they worked in New Zealand revivals until they felt called to start a church in England. [8]

Since then, he has traveled the world, sharing his testimony churches, theaters and small groups. Ian's testimony has been translated into a dozen languages and video interviews are available on YouTube and Google Video. He was most recently featured being interviewed by Gordon Robertson on The 700 Club[9].

Ian stresses constantly that his story is not to be sold; his story and book have been released without copyright, allowing anyone to download and print it. [10].

The film[edit]

A feature length film based on Ian's experience is now screening titled The Perfect Wave [11] It follows his early surfing days as he traveled the world searching for the meaning of life and catching some of surfing's most sought after waves. Near the end of the film, his supernatural experience will occur and during the credits, video of Ian telling his testimony will be run.

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