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Loud Silence is an alternate-universe, somewhat apocalyptic, focusing in the life of a super-human, named Ingway. He was once known as a hero/savior. But he abandoned people because of Gwen's death, his sister, who was visualy impaired.


Gwen, Ingway's sister, died about 3 years ago when he was in coma after trying to save a jumbo-plane from crashing. Though it wasn't succesful, Chikose, who was his classmate and kindly taking care of his sister, was among the people died, leaving Gwen alone with her impairedness until she died because of an illness. When he revived, he knew from Brittany it was already 3 years ago after the incident. All downcast and agonized, knowing that time and death eventually separated him from his beloved sister, he ceased helping people, remembering he only started doing so because of she was fond of him. But Gwen wasn't entirely aware that her brother and the people's savior she knew, was one person.

During the story goes, flash backs of Ingway's collective past tags along while he's gaining his powers back. He unintensioally saved numbers of people after an earthquake from a ruptured building because of a girl resembles Gwen. The incident made people demanding of Ingway's, that's when then he knew, aside than him and Brittany being super-humans, there is one who named himself, the red sun, capable of doing thing's like him, but being much stronger.

The Wounded Angel