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Personal Information[edit]

I love Tigers and i hope to be a tiger conservationist in the future. I really admire the Save China's Tiger project as i feel it can save South China Tigers from the brink of Extinction.

I am also currently helping Donnie Yen with his wikipedia page and some online work.

My Contributions[edit]

Donnie Yen page is on my watchlist and I regularly update it with newest information on films and remove any vandalism/rumours which are not true. Moderators have spoken to me with regards to Conflict of Interest, however my edits are based on factual information and not bias to any point.

In addition: All pictures of South China Tiger pictures from Save China's Tigers are uploaded by me. The page on Save China's Tigers on wikipedia is also solely created by me.

I am also the creator of the section of "Re-wilding project in South Africa" on the Bengal Tiger page.

I was also the original creator of the "Man-eating Tiger Section" in the wikipedia Tigers page. However my materials were purged and deleted and my materials were all shifted to this newly created page:

The wikipedia page on Rewilding is also splitted up by me, and i solely created a new Rewilding ( Conservation Biology ) page.

I also created the subsections "Dragon Species" and "Trivia" on the page of How_to_Train_Your_Dragon_(film), adding information on the Dragon Species and also the origin of the sounds and growls of the various dragons in the Trivia.