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My time on wikipedia began with hours of reading, following inter-wiki links. If anyone here has any things they want to discuss about articles I've worked on or just general topics I'm interested feel free to talk on my talk page.

Timezones are amusing. I had a rather interesting moment where when formatting a reference to a recently published news article, my accessdate was a day before the date the article was written. I suppose every date in wikipedia has an ambiguity of a day or so.

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"There is a habit among editors to look at how the text of an article changes, rather than what the text says. There is a presumption that if text moves from one POV then it must be moving towards another POV (and so we see opposing POVs waxing and waning rather than seeing it for what it is: a settling at a NPOV)."

- by Rannpháirtí anaithnid
If you're going to vandalise, make it funny.

Malaysian government not doing its own work?[edit]

I'm quite quite sure that most of this text was taken from the Dugong article. Either that or the Dugong article plagiarised, but as the text there even has "Sea World Indonesia [26] which was saved after" with the [26], I think it's safe to say that they took it from here.

The Philippine Government is in on it too, apparently. Their information agency no less, copied from our Scarborough Shoal article (around about this version). You'd think they'd actually know about a subject so important to current national policy and pride.

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-Just so you know!

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