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The octopus ... seeks its prey by so changing its colour as to render it like the colour of the stones adjacent to it; it does so also when alarmed. — Aristotle

Hallo, I'm Chiswick Chap, or CC for short: for what it's worth, Chiswick is a place and chap means a man. I have specialised in natural history articles, including naturalists and their books, but to my surprise I seem to have a soft spot for Victorians, while working on camouflage led me all over the place including into the mysteries of military history. Similarly, interest in patterns in nature led to tessellation, a meeting-place of mathematics and art. Another track is English cuisine, where I found a void in coverage of even the most important historic cookery books. I seem to enjoy creating order out of chaos, which is fortunate as there is a considerable supply of suitable articles.

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Frenulo-retinacular wing coupling in male and female moths



Noh stage






Tail-piece by Thomas Bewick


Linnaeus's sexually-charged drawing of Venus dione, 1771 (guess what the labels said)
  • A 2000-year-old Roman joke (lightly retold): A Wikipedian sees an edit from a friend who hasn't been around for a while, and pings him with the words "I heard you died!" The friend replies at once "Well, you can see I'm still alive." The Wikipedian replies "Yes, but the place that told me you were dead was a more Reliable Source than you." (From the Philogelos or 'Laughter Lover', 4th Century AD)
  • Wikipedians are comprised of super-pedants. Who aren't even right. Says David Shariatmadari in The Guardian.


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  • Birds in culture:<ref name=BB>{{cite book |last1=Cocker |first1=Mark |last2=Mabey |first2=Richard |author2link=Richard Mabey |title=Birds Britannica |titlelink=Birds Britannica |date=2005 |publisher=Chatto & Windus |isbn=0-7011-6907-9 |pages= – }}</ref>
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