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  • Wikiversity: WikiJournal User Group
  • Wikiversity: WikiJournal of Science
  • Google Groups: WikiJSci
  • /Citation Templates doi, jstor, Infobox person etc
  • DOI ref gen
  • Citer
  • Googlebooks citation tool
  • GAN: {{subst:GAN|subtopic=Biology and medicine}} ... or whatever subtopic
  • Passing a GA: {{GA|~~~~~|topic=Biology and medicine|page=1}} ... or whatever topic and page
  • Peer review
  • Today's AfD
  • File:Wikipedia editing for scientists Workshop.pdf
  • PLOS: 10 simple rules for editing Wikipedia
  • Good practice on CoI for academics
  • My own response to a foolish AfD, rebutting a common (no, the usual) misconception about what notability is
  • My response to an IP, asking why we insist upon citations
  • Edits
  • Commons
  • US PD rules
  • Pageviews
  • Google Ngrams
  • {{talk archive}}
  • {{Archive box|auto=yes}}
  • Agassiz, Louis; Corti, Elio. "Nomenclator Zoologicus". Retrieved 24 July 2015.
  • cite in bibliog: |ref={{harvid|Bloggs and Smith|1998}} ; refs in text {{sfn|Bloggs and Smith|1998|loc=123<!--page-->}}
  • Alternatively {{cite book |last=Bloggs |date=1998 |... |ref=harv}}; refs in text <ref>Bloggs [[#CITEREFBloggs1998|1998|p.123]]</ref>
  • ISBN converter
  • Wikilinked diagram
  • Resource request
  • Fused Sentences - does not include clauses rightly joined by a comma, semicolon, or "but"
  • Wikipedia:Lies Miss Snodgrass Told You
  • Wikipedia:Principle of Some Astonishment
  • {{subst:User:Anna Frodesiak/Welcome}} ~~~~