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Hello, I am Chitetskoy, living in Metro Manila, Philippines. I am a student here in one of the Christian schools in Marikina City (that is, the NCLC).

I enjoy tracking typhoons, most especially if it poses a threat to Metro Manila. (Hopefully I can see the eye of the storm, I missed Fengshen passing Metro Manila because he passed at late dawn!).

I loved to make computer codes (programming) since late Elementary. Today I have created a full-fledged JS and PHP library which I called the "Tristan Engine", and had been deployed to my various webprojects.

You can visit my site at

Wikimedia Projects[edit]

I am currently one of those involved in the Wikimedia Philippines Startup initiative. If you are interested in participating and becoming a part of the Philippine Developers Community please free to tell us!

Coat of Arms of the Philippines.svg Helping improve Wikipedia's coverage of the Philippines. Find topics to help with.
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I have travelled in the following countries and territories:

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