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    I am the creator of the modestly popular Grey Lady skin for Wikipedia. I got bored with it and it is no longer being maintained. Please don't ask about it. For personal use, I've created a wikipedia-account-skin (i.e. you log in to WP and choose it from your settings menu), called "Drone".

    The Drone skin for Wikipedia in Firefox 3.0.10

    Please feel free to try it out. To do so, you should go to my myskin.css page, click "view source", click in the edit field and select all (ctrl+a on most windows/linux), then copy/paste to your own myskin.css (see My Preferences under Personal Tools). For best results, you should have the free as in beer Droid Sans font in your font library.

    I believe that by virtue of being hosted by wikimedia, it is already licensed under the GDFL. If not you can consider it standard GPL. It is also listed in the wikimedia gallery of user styles alongside other alternative layouts. If you like it/hate it/have suggestions, please leave a comment on my talk page.