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Mediterraner Raum[edit]

Griceite (Lithium fluoride); Calomel (Mercury(I) chloride); Sinjarite (Calcium chloride); Cotunnite (Lead(II) chloride); Chlorite group: Clinochlore, Nimite, Pennantite, Baileychlore, Cookeite, Donbassite, Gonyerite, Odinite, Sudoite, Orthochamosite

Plant list[edit]


Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, 13 peaks[edit]

Extinction events[edit]

Rosalind V. White and Andrew D. Saunders (Lithos, Volume 79, Issues 3-4, February 2005, Pages 299-316) Fig. 1. Extinction rate versus time (multiple-interval marine genera: modified from Sepkoski (1996) to reflect radiometric age constraints on stratigraphic boundaries) compared with eruption ages of continental flood basalt provinces. Three of the most severe extinctions, the P–Tr, the Tr–J and the K–T, correspond with eruption of the Siberian Traps, Central Atlantic Magmatic Province and Deccan Traps, respectively. Evidence of impact (*) has also been reported at these times ([Alvarez et al., 1980], [Becker et al., 2001], [Olsen et al., 2002a] and [Basu et al., 2003]). The K–T crater is 180 km in diameter; for the P–Tr and Tr–J boundaries, the size (and indeed existence) of any impact is not confirmed. The end-Guadalupian extinction (259 Ma) coincides with eruption of the Emeishan Traps (Zhou et al., 2002), but no evidence for impact has been noted for this boundary. Oceanic plateaus may also have had profound environmental consequences (e.g., Kerr, 1998). Selected oceanic plateaus are therefore included on this figure, but as text only, because the preservational bias of the geological record towards younger examples would otherwise render the diagram misleading. SP: Sorachi Plateau, Japan; KP: Kerguelen Plateau; OJP: Ontong Java Plateau; CP: Caribbean-Colombian Plateau.

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