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Update 2008-03-21:

Gibbs-Helmholtz equation [diff] added a note about the calculus of the derivative of G/T^2 with respect to 1/T (information about why the transfomation is valid was hard to come by - it isn't even in Salzman's explanation of the Gibbs-Helmholtz equation. I originally found the answer in a Usenet post about calculus.)

Articles where I made a difference as of 2007-10-07 (yyyy-mm-dd):

  • Debye-Hückel equation [diff] (except for two lines that are links to this article in different languages - later I came back and expanded the equation with a better explanation of the dimensions and units that are used)
  • Free entropy [diff] (also added the article to the 'thermodynamic potentials' template sidebar)
  • Electric potential energy (Rewrote the introduction and most stuff up to One charged particle, except the Units section.)
  • Poisson's equation [diff] (basically, the electrostatics derivation)
  • Charge number
  • Virtual work [diff] (except for the four character wiki link of "deformable body", which happened between two of my edits)
  • D'Alembert's principle [diff] (gave derivation)
  • Lagrangian mechanics [diff] (except for two minor edits between mine) (redid the intro and the entire derivation of Lagrange's equations, because the old ones were confusing (but left the old derivation in there in case anyone wants to merge parts of it with mine))
  • Virtual displacement [diff] (except where someone added quotation marks to 'virtual displacement' between my two of my edits)
  • Generalized forces (99.9% mine, though I found out later that this article already existed under a different location that I didn't find in my reading of related articles. On the plus side, mine gives a reference and is consistent with the notation in related articles.)
  • Generalized coordinates [diff] (gave a better definition & made the difference between generalized and independent generalized coordinates clear - also set up formulation of transformation equations so that they match the other articles that refer to them)
  • Nonholonomic system [diff] (gave mathematical form of a nonholonomic constraint)
  • Lagrange multipliers [diff] (except one revision where someone changed around a few of my sentences to make them clearer) (explained the compact notation used and tightened up the definition of the domain on which the formula applies)
  • Implicit function [diff] (except one revision where someone changed punctuation) (gave a much clearer definition and the domain of validity)