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My name is Chris Benson. I was born near Swansea, Wales (ond nid wyf yn siarad Cymraeg), but now I live in Martinez, California, USA. My interests include:

  • Football - the kind where you use your foot to kick the ball,
  • Sailing - the kind done in sailing boats, which are boats with sails,
  • Mathematics - the sum of my interests.
  • local history - history that is local, and lower case in Wikipedia.
  • Local History - the Wikipedia capitalized Local History is a different interest.

Choosing English Language Variants[edit]

After watching one particular "brawl" amongst well-meaning editors, I am developing a flow-chart to determine when why what how which English language variant should be used in various contexts. Then I can watch the brawl continue. Seriously though, just about every one of the "contributors" in that "discussion" either misunderstood, misquoted, or misapplied Wikipedia policies and guidelines. In my opinion, the existing policy (which I do not intend to change) is not sufficiently "centralized" "cohesive" "unambiguous" or "understood". For me, a flow-chart would work better. Most comments are welcome on my Talk Page.

I feel qualified to comment on the matter of British and American variants of English, as I have spent almost half of my life as a resident of the UK (but significantly less than half of that time actually listening) and a little over half of my life as a resident of the USA (wondering what my American wife and children just said).

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