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Palindromes film poster
Directed by Todd Solondz
Produced by Mike S. Ryan,
Derrick Tseng
Written by Todd Solondz
Starring Ellen Barkin,
Richard Masur,
Angela Pietropinto
Distributed by Wellspring Media
Release date
September 3, 2004
Running time
100 minutes
Language English

Palindromes is a 2004 independent film written and directed by Todd Solondz. The fifth full length film to be released by Solondz, it is a coming of age tale with strong elements of melancholy and subtle black comedy, as well as some quite controversial themes. The title is an obvious reference to the protagonists first name, Aviva - and possibly to that of several other characters in the film. The film is a vague sequel to Solondz's third film, Welcome to the Dollhouse; only one character reappears but several are mentioned and are key to several aspects of the plot. Solondz intended for the protagonist of the prequel, Dawn Weiner - played by Heather Matarazzo - to make an appearance; however she declined the offer, resulting in a script revision.

The film is notable for the protagonist being portrayed by no less than eight people of very diferent ages and ethnicities (including a male actor, Will Denton and a 40 year old Jennifer Jason Leigh). The format is also unusual for consisting of no less than nine titled episodes showing periods in the life of the protagonist between the ages of about eight and fourteen.


Cast and Characters[edit]

(in credits order) Matthew Faber .... Mark Wiener* Angela Pietropinto .... Mrs. Wiener Bill Buell .... Mr. Wiener Emani Sledge .... 'Dawn' Aviva* Ellen Barkin .... Joyce Victor Valerie Shusterov .... 'Judah' Aviva* Richard Masur .... Steve Victor Hillary Bailey Smith .... Robin Wallace (as Hillary B. Smith) Danton Stone .... Bruce Wallace Robert Agri .... First Judah Hannah Freiman .... 'Henry' Aviva* Stephen Singer .... Dr. Fleisher Rachel Corr .... 'Henrietta' Aviva* Stephen Adly Guirgis .... Joe/Earl/Bob Will Denton .... 'Huckleberry' Aviva* Sharon Wilkins .... Mama Sunshine Aviva* Alexander Brickel .... Peter Paul Ashleigh Hertzig .... Barbara* Risa Jaz Rifkind .... Trixie Dontae Huey .... Shazaam Debra Monk .... Mama Sunshine Walter Bobbie .... Bo Sunshine Tyler Maynard .... Jiminy Courtney Walcott .... Crystal Joshua Eber .... Skippy Khush Kirpalani .... Ali Sydney Matuszak .... Ell David Castro .... Carlito Richard Riehle .... Dr. Dan Shayna Levine .... 'Bob' Aviva* Ebrahim Jaffer .... Motel clerk Jennifer Jason Leigh .... 'Mark' Aviva* Andrea Demosthenes .... Gwyneth's mom John Gemberling .... Second Judah rest of cast listed alphabetically: Ricky Ashley .... (uncredited) Christopher Goodyear .... Dr. Fleischer's son (uncredited) Frank L. Goodyear .... Abortion clinic protester (uncredited) Produced by Timothy Bird .... associate producer Mike S. Ryan .... producer Derrick Tseng .... producer

Characters in alphabetical order (protagonist first) Actor/Actress
Aviva Victor (in chronological order of first appearance (names followed by title of scene)) Emani Sledge (Dawn), Valerie Shusterov (Judah), Hannah Freiman (Henry), Rachel Corr (Henrietta), Will Denton (Huckleberry), Sharon Wilkins (Mama Sunshine), Shayna Levine (bob), Jennifer Jason Leigh (mark)
Ali Khush Kirpalani
Barbera Ashleigh Hertzig
Bo Sunshine Walter Bobbie
Mr. Weiner Bill Buell
Mark Weiner Mathew Faber