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I discovered Wikipedia on October 17 2003, 11:26.

If you're wondering about my choice of user name, well, I just picked a somewhat random one to do an edit, since I was sure that I would not really come back to Wikipedia. After all, a encyclopedia edited by everyone is a project destined to fail, right? That was more than 20,000 edits ago.

I lived in Australia, America, Europe and Asia for longer periods of time, currently living in Japan. English is not my first language, although I think i speak it pretty well. Nevertheless I focus on adding content researched from the WWW and other sources rather than editing the language of articles.

I became an Administrator on May 8, 2004, with 16 votes for, 0 against, and 1 neutral. Thank you to everybody who voted for me, and to RickK for nominating me.

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The following articles are featured articles with significant contributions by me.

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The following articles are good articles with significant contributions by me.

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I don't make any goofs. Don't read the small print.

  • Nominating 72 articles for VfD at once. What was I thinking.