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Hi my name is Christopher Harris (Chris to my friends). I found Wikipedia through a link someone had placed from here to my website about Derby Arboretum and I have become "hooked".

I suppose I have now justifiably earned myself the title of "Local Historian" through my 10 years of research work on the Arboretum and surrounding area., I am proud to have been recognised at an International level as an expert in my field of work Since first joining Wikipedia I have had over 100 articles published in the Trader, Derby's (former) free paper, in their Heritage column, mostly concerning the Arboretum, Joseph Strutt and 19th century developments.

I am also a member of the Derby Heritage Forum, which is forum for local historians, and I have had the great privilege of sharing knowledge with fellow members, Derek Palmer, (author of over 60 local history books) Kevin Archer, Ron McKeown, the Late Charles Clark Maxwell, Lord of the Manors of Markeaton and Mackworth, the Late Don Farnsworth, author of so many books on Markeaton and Mackworth, and Denis Eardley, a local historian/ author. The forum has a considerable amount of local knowledge that we share freely with anyone who wishes to join us.

I recently I had a double page article covering the huge developments which took place in Derby during the 1960s and 70s, comparing them with today's developments. My father ran a construction company and was oersonally responsible for several large projects during the kate 60s to late 70s, my own knowledge in this field us largely based on personal experience of the 1970s.

I am a regular correspondent with the Derby Evening Telegraph, frequently criticising the lack of interest the council has in preserving our heritage and ruining our tourism trade.

I have lectured at an International conference at the Linnean Society, (Burlington House, London) on 19th century parks and pulic open spaces during Septemebr 2006. My lecture was endorsed by five International universities and experts from the Royal Botanical Gardens.

I will also be making contributions to the history pages where possible.

Like all local historians, I may miss something in my research work so I welcome comments and corrections from qualified sources, where required. Wikipedia is the ideal forum for sharing and improving our knowledge.