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  • Support Disclosure: I am a member of the DBpedia team.
Here's some more info about DBpedia, why it's important, and why it's good for Wikipedia:
  • DBpedia is an important contributor to the Linked Data project, currently one of the main projects of the W3C and Tim Berners-Lee. Linked Data, sometimes called For example, see the image at Tim Berners-Lee specifically mentions DBpedia in his TED talk (highly recommended as an introduction to Linked Data).
  • Another Tim Berners-Lee quote: has there been any discussion of pushing back the cleanliness into the wikipedia pages themselves, so that the wikipedia gains in consistency? [1] To which User:Soeren1611 replied: Yes, we are thinking about this quite a while. The first step will be to set up some kind of live-syncronization between Wikipedia and DBpedia. For this we already got access to the live-stream of Wikipedia updates from Wikimedia's Brion Vibber. As a second step the DBpedia additions will be integrated back as annotations into Wikipedia pages. [2]
  • A quote by User:Magnus Manske (original author of MediaWiki): DBpedia does great work, it would just be so much better to have it all live and in one place... [3]
  • Christian Becker of the DBpedia team gave an invited talk at Wikimania 2009 [4]
  • Improving Wikipedia has always been a goal of DBpedia: Extend the Wikipedia authoring environment with suggestions for infobox values and cross-language consistency checking for infoboxes. Initialize Wikipedia Clean-Up Cycles - expose weaknesses of Wikipedia template system, motivate Wikipedia editors to use templates more stringently. [5]