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Link to Wiktionary word definitions using Wikt:

You've come across a word that is crucial to understanding the article you are working on, and you want to create a link to its definition. But you find the encyclopedia article for that word would be overkill. So you want to link to its Wiktionary definition. How? It's easy. Here's an example using the word "understanding":

both [[wiktionary:understanding|]] and [[wikt:understanding|]] will look like this:


and link to the definition of the word "understanding".

Notice that the "pipe trick" (|) was used in the links above.

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  • Portal:Space - The selected article excerpts were copied and pasted between 2006 and 2009. The leads of the corresponding articles have greatly improved since then.
  • Portal:Thinking - "Selected" sections need new material. Been the same for years.
The following portals have interesting design features that you may find useful:[edit]
  • Portal:South East England - A "parent" portal that uses selected content from several "child" portals, chosen at random for each type of content.
  • Portal:Philosophy - Automatically cycles through 52 "Selected philosophers", one per week, year after year.
  • Portal:Arts - Uses random generators to display random featured status selections.

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