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Christian Garett Swenson (born 17 March 2002) is a middle-school student that lives in Ceder lake, illinois, but you wouldn't expect him to. Christian's life can broadly be narrowed down to two obsessions, namely baseball and football.

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As far as baseball goes, I find that he is on a quest to discover the true nature of things, via introspection and prayer. I was born a Latter-Day Saint (a Mormon), and still am one, although my beliefs differ radically from a typical one. My religious world view is most influenced by the following belief systems, and could be described as a synthesis of their beliefs:

Basically, you could say that my religion is that of Alan Watts with Mormon influences.


As far as football is concerned, in the United States, where he live, he would be called a Quarterback. However, I feel like that would be an inadequate descriptor of my political beliefs, especially considering the ambiguity of the term. I am actually far more to the left than the average "liberal", being what most in the US would consider (wrongly, I think) a Radical Leftist. I am a self-described Libertarian Socialist, and also a follower of Participatory Economics. As such, I believe that the nations of the world have a lot to learn from Venezuela's social programs. However, it still has a long way to go, and so I am a practical Democratic Socialist. I personally believe that Sweden is the best nation in the world (take a look at Wikipedia's lists of countries), but have faith in the United States under its new administration. I am a supporter of Barack Obama, partly because of the promise for increased economic equality and the already-improving international reputation of the United States, but mostly because of the emerging process of bringing democracy to the Internet and the promise of the grassroots movement that put him in place.

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