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Sunnybrook School
469 Merton Street
Toronto, Ontario, M4S 1B4
Coordinates 43°41′56″N 79°22′57″W / 43.69889°N 79.38250°W / 43.69889; -79.38250Coordinates: 43°41′56″N 79°22′57″W / 43.69889°N 79.38250°W / 43.69889; -79.38250
School type Elementary School
Founded 1952
Principal Irene Davy
Grades JK-6
Language English

Sunnybrook School is a private elementary school in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. Sunnybrook School is a full elementary school that admits children from JK (Junior Kindergarten) to grade 6. The school’s emphasis is on strong academics, nourishment and the stimulation of creative and academic development.

Sunnybrook School promotes cultural, visual and leadership quality development in children through various activities. Parental involvement in student affairs is encouraged at Sunnybrook to discuss the strengths and talents of each child and to focus on areas that need special attention. Parents can work together with children to ensure total development of the child in all aspects of life.


Sunnybrook School was founded in 1952 by Mrs. Irmingard Hoff. It was one of North Toronto's first preschools. Originally located in the Leaside neighbourhood of Toronto, the school moved its present Merton St. location in Toronto’s Mid-Town neighbourhood in 1960.

Soon after moving to Merton St. the school grew to include grades one through four. In 1985 a neighbouring property was purchased and an addition was built to improve the facilities by adding a gym and three classrooms. Preschool classes were phased out in the 1980’s to make way for grades 5 and 6. Three renovations followed, with the most recent being in 2011. Sunnybrook School is now a full elementary school offering JK to grade 6, with one class per grade.

Bayview Glen was founded in 1962 by L. Doreen (née Barwick) Hopkins as a nursery school and day camp housed in a barn in the Don River Valley located north of York University's Glendon College Campus on Bayview Avenue at Lawrence Avenue East near Crescent School. It was also where Crestwood Preparatory College is currently located. Its mandate was to provide "a nurturing environment in which each and every child is precious".

By 1964, Bayview Glen had expanded to include students from age two to Grade 1, and an adjoining property was acquired. By 1969, new buildings had been added and the school grew to include students through to Grade 6.

The 70s were a decade of steady expansion and ongoing renovation for the school. However, in 1980, Mrs. Hopkins died, and the L. Doreen Hopkins Foundation took control in overseeing the furtherance of the founder's dream. The barn was closed, so a new, permanent facility was built in its place. There was still no room for an Upper School, which had become the wish of many parents.

As a result, space was leased from an engineering firm at 275 Duncan Mill Road. In 1985, four teachers, and a grade 7 and 8 class made the initial move into the renovated office space, tiptoeing around the design space who still occupied the bulk of the building. Throughout the rest of the decade, one grade per year was added. In 1989, the valley property was sold and the Lower School moved to the Duncan Mill Campus.

In 1991, The Doreen Hopkins Foundation was taken over by the Macmarmon Foundation and Terry Guest was appointed Headmaster to preside over the future development of the school. Also in 1991, Bayview Glen had its first graduating class. The decade of the 90s was one of progress and growth, and the student population grew from 243 to approximately 950, ranging from preschool to university entrance. In 1998, Bayview Glen acquired the Upper School Campus.

In September 2000, the Upper School was officially opened by HRH The Duke of York. The site was complete with a double gymnasium and theatre complex. In 2001, Terry Guest left Bayview Glen and took up the position of Executive Director of Round Square, of which the school is a member. He was succeeded by Stuart Grainger, who was Headmaster until 2003. He is currently the Headmaster of Trinity College School in Port Hope.

Today, the goals and mission of Bayview Glen are championed by Eileen Daunt, who was appointed Head of School in 2003. In 2007, Bayview Glen celebrated its 45th birthday. Throughout the school's history, Bayview Glen has offered a co-educational, multicultural, community-focussed environment. They remain true to their mandate of providing "a nurturing environment in which each and every child is precious".

Bayview Glen will be celebrating its 50th anniversary during the 2011-12 academic year.

Capital Campaign[edit]

In 2005/2006 Bayview Glen launched the Footprints and Blueprints Capital Campaign to raise funds for an expansion of the school. To date $2.5 million (Canadian) have been pledged as donations to the endeavour with a goal of reaching a total of $8 Million. Construction is anticipated to proceed when half the amount has been reached, although this has been spoken of for over 5 years now.

Some had opined that major changes are necessary to allow Bayview Glen's facilities to be more competitive with those of other Private Schools across Ontario. The plans of expansion include:

  • The design expands the school premises northwards along the face of the existing auditorium. A new main entrance for the school located at this new intersection will improve circulation within the existing buildings and ease the connection with the new space. (From Capital Campaign Newsletter page 2)

Other discussed additions include, expanded sports facilities sporting a new gymnasium, squash courts and even a strip of pavement as a play area on the roof. Other additions include expanded science labs, music centres, and a redesigned library. Whatever additions made to the school will only work to improve the school overall prestige, general atmosphere and will attempt provide a much more enjoyable experience for the students attending for years to come.


Bayview Glen is often home to sports events attended by multiple CISAA schools across Ontario. It offers a wide array of facilities that meet the students needs. Students at Upper school have access to a workout facility, and a gymnasium complemented by a rock climbing wall. Also available for students use is a field located in front of the Upper school building and an artificial turf field at the back of the school. These facilities have proven themselves capable at housing and training the schools' sports teams, many of which have gone on to win various CISAA championships.

Sports Teams[edit]


  • Basketball
  • Soccer
  • Field Hockey
  • Cross-Country
  • Volleyball


  • Basketball
  • Badminton
  • Swimming


  • Soccer
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Badminton
  • Track & Field
  • Ultimate Frisbee

House system[edit]

Bayview Glen has 4 houses that are named after Canadian Prime Ministers. Every student is placed in one of these houses. They are:

  • MacDonald (Green)
  • Laurier (Red)
  • Trudeau (Purple)
  • Mackenzie (Blue)

Notable Alumni[edit]

Notable Former Faculty[edit]

  • John Viljoen, artist


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