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Mug Shot of Christopher Thomas

I am an academic who dabbles in coding, electronics, and bizzare design puzzles.

Hobbies include reading fiction and non-fiction, engineering and physics problems, and pencil-and-paper role-playing games.

I have completed my PhD and a post-doctoral fellowship and am in the process of transitioning to an industry career.

My contributions to Wikipedia primarily involve physics, though my editing habits have been broader in the past.

Editing To-Do List[edit]

I follow Wikipedia talk:WikiProject Physics, and help with editing problematic articles on an occasional basis. Articles on my to-do list are shown below:

  • Nothing on the list at present, as I'm on sabbatical.

If you want me to look at a specific article, please add a comment to my talk page. Most physics-related articles should be posted to WT:PHYS instead, however.

Selected noteworthy edits[edit]

  • Negative energy, May 2005, November 2005. Replaced gibberish with a disambiguation page (diff). I'd originally redirected to exotic matter; I changed this to a disambiguation page after a sufficiently strong case was made for doing so.

Selected image contributions[edit]

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Essays and scratchwork[edit]

Draft essays[edit]

At some point I may try to turn some of these into proper wiki-essays. Please don't modify the user-space versions.

Miscellaneous scratchwork[edit]

These are mostly for my own reference.

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