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Joined Wikipedia on June 2, 2005, after making several anonymous edits over the prior year.

Formal education[edit]


Morphy Number[edit]

My Morphy number is (at most) 6, by virtue of a game I played in an online simul against Alexandra Kosteniuk. She has played at least once against Anatoly Karpov, who has a Morphy Number of (at most) 4.

Collection of long-lived misinformation in Wikipedia[edit]

While I find much of value in Wikipedia, I remain skeptical that errors are usually quickly caught, as alleged in Wikipedia:Replies to common objections. As a demonstration, I am cataloging misinformation which persists for a lengthy time (say, 30 days or more) in Wikipedia. If you have additions, please mention them on my talk page. However, I am excluding misinformation which was deliberately added as misinformation (possibly, but not necessarily, to test how quickly it's discovered) as that is contrary to the spirit of Wikipedia, unethical, and I will not encourage it.

Article Misinformation Entered Correction Corrected Days Ref.
Bible Catholic Bible has 76 books December 27, 2001 [1] Catholic Bible has 73 books January 3, 2005 [2] 1103 [3]
Chrome yellow Lead chromate is PbO4 May 16, 2005 [4] Lead chromate is PbCrO4 July 14, 2005 [5] 59 [6]
Nobel Prize When awarded to multiple winners, prize money is split evenly March 2, 2005 [7] When awarded to three winners, prize may be split 50/25/25 October 12, 2005 [8] 224 [9]
Palindromic number If stripping the first and last digit of a number leaves a palindromic number, the original number is palindromic July 14, 2005 [10] Only if the first and last digits are equal October 14, 2005 [11] 92 Other defs in Palindromic number
Plutonium Ions in aqueous solution are Pu3+, Pu4+, PuO2+, and PuO+. March 9, 2004 [12] Pu3+, Pu4+, PuO22+, and PuO2+ February 15, 2006 [13] 708 [14]
Howard Martin Temin Reverse transcriptase important to PCR June 1, 2005 [15] Only in RT-PCR; not used in ordinary PCR October 11, 2007 [16] 862 polymerase chain reaction

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