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Chuck Russell (Charles T. Russell) is a technologist and entrprenuer living in Camp Hill Pennsylvania. For more information about Mr. Russell please follow these links:

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He is a senior partner and board member of Collective Intelligence Inc.

Mr. Russell consults on topics related to Information Management, Software Engineering, Collaborative Business Intelligence, Knowledge Management and Distributed, Unteathered Techologies.

Charles Thomas Russell, (October 17 1958), also known as Chuck Russell, is a software entreprenuer from the United States. He was born in Scranton, Pennsylvania later relocating to Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania.

In 1996 the company he founded, Innovative Desktop Inc., created ExpressO the first commercially available Java application server. ExpressO was the first commercial internet server to offer a servlet engine, a scripting engine and to provide adapters for the HTTP, FTP, HTTP Proxy wire protocols.

In 1997 Mr. Russell designed and built the first commercially available web accelerator. The product, named NetJet (later named PeakJet) was marketed through Peak Technologies, a publicly traded software house located in Vancouver, BC. NetJet, also developed in Java, used the ExpressO server core as its base.

Mr. Russell is the founder and Senior Partner of Collective Intelligence Inc., a [Harrisburg], Pennsylvania firm that focuses on the development of Business Intelligence and Systems Integration software products.