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Hi there. I am Church of emacs or Tobias (if you prefer my real name). If you want to leave me a message, you can do so at my talk page or – if you wish to get a quicker response – on my German talkpage (you can ask there in English, too). If you would like to learn more about me, read below. By the way: You can edit this page right now.

My edits in the English Wikipedia[edit]

At the moment, I contribute in different ways.

  • I fight vandalism.
  • I create complex templates that make heavy use of magic words and ParserFunctions. (or I request changes via editprotected, as many templates are fully protected...)
  • I report bugs & feature requests and as I'm beginning to learn php, in some cases I fixed the software myself.
  • I edit articles (of course)

My articles[edit]

  • Geonext (yeah, a bit stubby, I know) – got deleted even though it has a German Wikipedia article! (German Wikipedia is much, much more strict in notability criteria) How about that!

My accounts on other Wikimedia projects[edit]

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