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Moodswing Records is an independent record label started in Atlanta, Georgia in 1994 by three Georgia Institute of Technology Classmates Charles Petrakopoulos, Jeff Sousa of Floor, and Russell Jackson.

Releases include cassettes, 7"'s, 10"'s, 12"'s, and cd's. Most notable releases by the following artists:

Stinking Lizavetta


The Robustos

The Rock*A*Teens

Jet By Day

Ed Kemper Trio

Craig Colorusso

One of the most recent releases is a 7" by "The Meeks Family" where Brooks Meeks of a previous Moodswing Records band "The Close" covers "Nick Cave's" classic "The Ship Song" with guest vocals provided by "Tom Cheshire" of "West End Motel."

Current Events

Jeff Sousa currently resides in metro atlanta and operates a Yoga Studio with his wife. Russell Jackson is one of the most respected LEED Certified specialist with regards to Rain Harvesting. Charles Petrakopoulos is still building up the city during the day time and tearing it down at night.