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For now, vandalism is all that will be on here, but I hope to expand this eventually.


Inspired by my collection of funny vandalism as dffgd, here is a brand-new collection:

Page Description Link Date Reverted by Added by
Balamory Instant Halloween favourite! link 07/05/2011 ClueBot NG EpicWikipedian
Planet Important information about Pluto. link 09/03/2011 cimanyD cimanyD
High-Speed Downlink Packet Access A new suggestion for merging into the page. link 09/10/2011 cimanyD cimanyD
Dragonfly A very helpful description. link 09/10/2011 ClueBot NG cimanyD
Doctor fish Helpful spelling corrections... or not. link 09/10/2011 Wayne Slam cimanyD
Falconer School Somebody thinks Wikipedia is a guestbook. link 09/11/2011 Materialscientist EpicWikipedian
Cupid Venus wasn't really the goddess of love. link 09/13/2011 ClueBot NG cimanyD
Cell theory Minor corrections of inaccuracies. link 09/14/2011 ClueBot NG cimanyD
Vegetable Making definitions more inaccurate. link 09/14/2011 cimanyD cimanyD
Indian When you click Save, your changes will immediately become visible to everyone. If you wish to run a test, please edit the Sandbox instead. link 09/20/2011 Favonian cimanyD
Missouri Missouri is under new management. link 09/20/2011 Polyamorph cimanyD
Wikipedia:Cleaning up vandalism/Whattodo Vandalism... on a page about cleaning up vandalism... that took 4 days to be reverted. link 09/22/2011 cimanyD cimanyD
Rub' al Khali A new, undiscovered parameter of {{cite web}}. link 10/01/2011 cimanyD cimanyD
Digital television transition What happens when you edit with your eyes closed. link 10/01/2011 DVdm EpicWikipedian

You can add things to this list! Cick here to see how.