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This template is for adding to this list. Please read all of this page before using it.

How to use[edit]

To use it, you will need to add something like like Example 1 (see below). Here's what you need to change from Example 1:

  • Change "Vandalized page" to the page that the vandal edited.
  • Change "Short, funny description." to a humorous description of the vandalism.
  • Change the link (starting with "http:" and ending with "987654321") to the address of a diff or revision. Diffs are preferable, but either one can be used.
  • Change "09" to the month (as 2 digits), "10" to the day (as 2 digits), and "2011" to the year (as 4 digits).
  • Change "ClueBot NG" to the user that reverted the vandalism.
  • Change "Example" to your exact username.


Here is an example. This uses Vandalized page as the vandalized page, description text that needs to be changed, a fake diff link, September 10, 2011 as the date, ClueBot NG as the reverter, and Example as the user that added it.

Example 1:
{{/item|page=Vandalized page|description=Short, funny description.|l=|m=09|d=10|y=2011|rv=ClueBot NG|added=Example}}

Here's another example, showing an item on the list.

Example 2:
{{/item|page=Planet|description=Important information about Pluto.|l=|m=09|d=03|y=2011|added=cimanyD}}

Here are two ways the above item could be placed on the list with less parameter names. (see note 6) Notice that m=, d=, and y= are in different places.

Example 3:
{{/item|Planet|Important information about Pluto.|l=|m=09|d=03|y=2011|cimanyD}}
Example 4:
{{/item|Planet|Important information about Pluto.|cimanyD|d=03|m=09|y=2011|l=}}


  1. The easiest way to get the link is to copy it from your browser's address bar. Another easy way is shown at WP:D&L.
  2. If you reverted the vandalism you're adding, you only need to use rv= or added=, not both. (see Example 2)
  3. Your username (the added= parameter) must be your exact username for the link to work right. The only exception is that it doesn't matter whether the first letter (it does matter with the other letters) is capitalized. For example, "example" and "Example" would both link to user:Example, but one would display as example and the other as Example. (see Example 2)
  4. The date should be the date of the vandalism, not the date of the revert or the addition.
  5. The template will also work if you don't use (most of) the parameter names, as long as the parameters are in the same order. Important: l=, m=, d=, and y= still need to be used. Their order doesn't matter, though. (see Examples 3 and 4)
  6. There is a note in <!-- hidden text --> in the table showing where to put new items.