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Welcome to my Wikipedia page.

If you'd like to contact me, leave me a message on my talk page; if you're a fellow Wikipedian, you can email me: Special:EmailUser/Cirrus Editor

My User Boxes
Paullusmagnus-logo.JPG This user has been a Proud Wikipedian since October 8, 2009.
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This user has created 10 of Wikipedia's 5,483,278 articles.
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Flag of Maryland.svg This user is a student or alumnus of the University of Maryland.
MIM This user has a Master of Information Management degree.

Pages/sections I've created/edited[edit]

Pages created[edit]

Content audit DYK article

2013 attack on U.S. consulate in Herat

Federal Web Managers Council DYK article

The House of Breath DYK article

Web content lifecycle DYK article 6,500

Chief Web Officer

Content inventory

Website governance

Master of Information Management

AMWA Journal

Pages expanded[edit]

William Goyen DYK article

American Medical Writers Association

Sections created[edit]

Master's degrees in North America on Master of Information Management


Created the Master of Information Management (MIM) degree user box

Links I Find Useful[edit]

List of templates

List of formatting templates

Wikipedia:How to edit a page

Wikipedia:Citation templates

Category:Wikipedia editing guidelines

Category:Citation templates


Manual of Style


Wikipedia:Template messages/Sources of articles

My DYK[edit]

My Sandbox[edit]

/test code