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Custom 2013 Stanley Cup Playoffs[edit]

  First Round Second Round Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
1 Washington Capitals 4  
8 Ottawa Senators 0  
  1 Washington Capitals 1  
  7 Pittsburgh Penguins 4  
2 New Jersey Devils 2
7 Pittsburgh Penguins 4  
  7 Pittsburgh Penguins 4  
Eastern Conference
  4 New York Rangers 2  
3 Montreal Canadiens 4  
6 Tampa Bay Lightning 3  
  3 Montreal Canadiens 1
  4 New York Rangers 4  
4 New York Rangers 4
M3 Toronto Maple Leafs 2  
  E7 Pittsburgh Penguins 4
  W6 San Jose Sharks 0
1 Nashville Predators 3  
8 Phoenix Coyotes 4  
  4 Minnesota Wild 4
  8 Phoenix Coyotes 0  
2 Anaheim Ducks 0
7 Detroit Red Wings 4  
  4 Minnesota Wild 2
Western Conference
  6 San Jose Sharks 4  
3 Edmonton Oilers 1  
6 San Jose Sharks 4  
  6 San Jose Sharks 4
  7 Detroit Red Wings 3  
4 Minnesota Wild 4
5 Vancouver Canucks 1  


Game Summaries[edit]

Western Conference[edit]


Nashville vs. Phoenix[edit]

The Predators came into the playoffs as the first seed and heavy favorites over the Coyotes. Although Phoenix stunned the Predators in the first two games, winning game 1 on an early first period goal, and game 2 on a goal by Milan Lucic (who exited the game later), the Predators came back in game 3, only to lose the next game and go on the brink of elimination. The Predators won the next two, including game 6 with a goal from Martin Erat, but wasn't enough to win the series. The Coyotes won game 7 on a goal that came with 44 seconds left in game 7 from Oliver Ekman-Larsson, and would move on.

  1. G1: PHX:1 NSH:0
  2. G2: PHX:4 NSH:1
  3. G3: NSH:4 PHX:2
  4. G4: NSH:2 PHX:3
  5. G5: PHX:0 NSH:3
  6. G6: NSH:2 PHX:1 OT
  7. G7: PHX:4 NSH:3
Anaheim vs. Detroit[edit]

These two teams came in as the Red Wings were looking for revenge in 2007. The Wings got out to an early start with a 2-0 series lead thanks to overtime goals by Pavel Datsyuk. The Wings were looking to sweep the final two games at home. They won Game 3 2-1 in overtime (like the previous two games), and won the final game 4-1. The Red Wings, like a team that has made the playoffs for 22 straight years, moves on again.

  1. G1: DET:2 ANA:1 OT
  2. G2: DET:2 ANA:1 OT
  3. G3: ANA:1 DET:2 OT
  4. G4: ANA:1 DET:4
Edmonton vs. San Jose[edit]

The Oilers were the surprise team in the playoffs, making it for the first time since 2006 (they were seeded 8th that year and nearly won the Stanley Cup), and the Sharks were in as usual, as a lower seed (unusually), against the Northwest Division champ. The Oilers got to a quick start in game 1, winning 3-0. But the Sharks were there, winning the next one on a goal with 31.2 seconds left on the clock. As the series went to San Jose, the Oilers went down, and lost their grip, including a near comeback in game 4 only to lose 4-3. The series, in Edmonton, for game 5 went the Sharks way and they closed it out.

  1. G1: SJ:0 EDM:3
  2. G2: SJ:2 EDM:1
  3. G3: EDM:1 SJ:3
  4. G4: EDM:3 SJ:4
  5. G5: SJ:3 EDM:0
Minnesota vs. Vancouver[edit]

The Wild and Canucks met for the first time since 2003, and for the first time ever in the quarterfinals. The Wild got to an early start, winning the first two with shutouts. The Canucks got back in the series with a 4-3 win in game 3, but it didn't hold for long. The Wild came with another shutout, leading the series 3 games to 1. The Wild won the series and game 5 4-1. Vancouver's Ryan Getzlaf broke the shutout bid for Josh Harding, but that was it for Vancouver.

  1. G1: VAN:0 MIN:3
  2. G2: VAN:0 MIN:1
  3. G3: MIN:3 VAN:4
  4. G4: MIN:2 VAN:0
  5. G5: VAN:1 MIN:4


Minnesota vs. Phoenix[edit]

The Coyotes had just came off an upset of the top-seeded Predators, and took on the next challenge. That challenge was a bit hard for them, as the Wild and Josh Harding became the second team to allow only one goal in an entire series. The Wild won the first 3 games 3-0, before taking a game 4 blowout decision 5-1, and moved on to the Conference Finals.

  1. G1: PHX:0 MIN:3
  2. G2: PHX:0 MIN:3
  3. G3: MIN:3 PHX:0
  4. G4: MIN:5 PHX:1
San Jose vs. Detroit[edit]

These two teams had previously met in 2011, in the semifinals, and the series went seven games. That's what happened here too. And it was the same result.

The Sharks got out to an early series lead at home with a 4-2 victory in game 1. It didn't hold for long, as Detroit got back with their overtime success in game 2. The series went to Detroit, and they also split there too. The Red Wings won game 5 3-2 in overtime, but they now had both Victor Hedman and Niklas Kronwall both out with long-term injuries. The Sharks took advantage of that in the next two, taking game 6 3-1 to force game 7. The drama of game 7 continued, as the winning goal was scored with 51 seconds left, by T. J. Galiardi.

  1. G1: DET:2 SJ:4
  2. G2: DET:2 SJ:1 OT
  3. G3: SJ:4 DET:1
  4. G4: SJ:2 DET:3
  5. G5: DET:3 SJ:2 OT
  6. G6: SJ:3 DET:1
  7. G7: DET:1 SJ:2

Conference Finals[edit]

Minnesota vs. San Jose[edit]

The streaking Minnesota Wild were looking to move to the Stanley Cup Finals for the first time in franchise history. However, there was one obstacle left: the San Jose Sharks.

The Sharks got an early 2 games to none series lead on the road, and looked to carry it into a sweep. But Minnesota came into game 3 and scored the most goals scored in a single period in these playoffs (4), and won the game 6-1. The Wild tied the series, but were unable to take the series lead at home in a 2-1 overtime affair. The Sharks won game 6 1-0 and the Clarence S. Campbell Bowl.

  1. G1: SJ:2 MIN:1
  2. G2: SJ:3 MIN:1
  3. G3: MIN:6 SJ:1
  4. G4: MIN:2 SJ:1
  5. G5: SJ:2 MIN:1 OT
  6. G6: MIN:0 SJ:1

Eastern Conference[edit]


Note: Every series except for Ottawa vs. Washington was tied at 2.

Washington vs. Ottawa[edit]

The two capitals of each country in the NHL squared off for the first time since '98. The Capitals were the Presidents' Trophy champion and would have home ice advantage through the playoffs. They would take game 1 2-1 in overtime, then win the next two 3-0. In game 4, a major injury to Alex Ovechkin knocked him out till the Cup finals. The Capitals won game 4 anyways, 2-1.

  1. G1: OTT:1 WSH:2 OT
  2. G2: OTT:0 WSH:3
  3. G3: WSH:3 OTT:0
  4. G4: WSH:2 OTT:1
New Jersey vs. Pittsburgh[edit]

The Devils and Penguins here met in the quarters. The Devils took game one in the third overtime (which was the longest in the playoffs, at 119:58) with a goal from Nick Foligno with 2.1 seconds left in the overtime. The Penguins would come back in game 2, scoring three times before the 10:00 mark in the first period. The Devils took the next one in Pittsburgh, with the only goal coming from Jacob Josefson. The Penguins rebounded, winning games 4, 5, and 6, 3-0, 5-2, and 4-1, respectively.

  1. G1: PIT:2 NJ:3 3OT
  2. G2: PIT:3 NJ:1
  3. G3: NJ:1 PIT:0
  4. G4: NJ:0 PIT:3
  5. G5: PIT:5 NJ:2
  6. G6: NJ:1 PIT:4
Montreal vs. Tampa Bay[edit]

Note: This was the only series in the Eastern Conference that went seven games.

The Canadiens, a team with great history, would play the Tampa Bay Lightning in the first round. Tampa got to an early start, winning game 1 in the second overtime with a goal from Teddy Purcell. The Habs came back, but the Lightning struck and took a 2-1 series lead. Montreal won the next game in overtime 2-1, and then won the next 2-1 (not in overtime), but starter Marc-Andre Fleury revealed he could not play. The Canadiens would start Hannah Harrigan for the next six games, and in game 6 the Lightning struck for the third time to tie it up. The Lightning would not strike again as they would lose game 7 2-1.

  1. G1: TB:2 MTL:1 2OT
  2. G2: TB:1 MTL:3
  3. G3: MTL:1 TB:4
  4. G4: MTL:2 TB:1 OT
  5. G5: TB:1 MTL:2
  6. G6: MTL:0 TB:3
  7. G7: TB:1 MTL:2
NY Rangers vs. Toronto[edit]

The Rangers and Maple Leafs squared off for the first time since the 1971 quarterfinals. The Rangers took the early 1-0 series lead, but Toronto tied it up at one thanks to an overtime goal by Ales Hemsky. The Leafs would take game 3 3-0, but the Rangers won games 4, 5, and 6, 3-0, 4-2, and 3-0, respectively.

  1. G1: TOR:2 NYR:4
  2. G2: TOR:2 NYR:1 OT
  3. G3: NYR:0 TOR:3
  4. G4: NYR:3 TOR:0
  5. G5: TOR:2 NYR:4
  6. G6: NYR:3 TOR:0


Washington vs. Pittsburgh[edit]

This series was the rivalry... except Washington didn't have their part of it (Alex Ovechkin).

The Capitals and Penguins squared off again, and it worked out well. Or did it? The Penguins took game 1 2-1, but then the Capitals Daniel Briere got hot and scored two goals in a 5-1 rout in game 2. The Penguins would take game 3 3-2 and never look back, as they took game 4 4-0, and game 5 3-2.

  1. G1: PIT:2 WSH:1
  2. G2: PIT:1 WSH:5
  3. G3: WSH:2 PIT:3
  4. G4: WSH:0 PIT:4
  5. G5: PIT:3 WSH:2
Montreal vs. NY Rangers[edit]

Note: The Canadiens Hannah Harrigan would start the first four games of the series.

The Canadiens and Rangers went at it for the first time since '96. The Habs took a 1-0 series lead, but could not keep the series in hand as New York won the next three by the exact same score: 2-1. The series returned to Montreal with Marc-Andre Fleury in net for the Canadiens, but did not keep them alive as the Rangers took the series in five games.

  1. G1: NYR:0 MTL:2
  2. G2: NYR:2 MTL:1
  3. G3: MTL:1 NYR:2
  4. G4: MTL:1 NYR:2 OT
  5. G5: NYR:4 MTL:0

Conference Finals[edit]

NY Rangers vs. Pittsburgh[edit]

This series was expected to be a hard fought one. And so it was.

This pitted the Pittsburgh Penguins against the New York Rangers. This was a series right down from the bottom line. Pittsburgh won game 1 3-1, and took a 2-0 series lead to Pittsburgh. They won again in front of a home crowd to take a 3-0 series lead, but that wasn't it for the Rangers, who took game 4 3-2. They took game 5 2-1 in overtime thanks to Brad Richards, but could not tie the series as Pittsburgh won game 6 6-2 and would win the Prince of Wales Trophy.

  1. G1: PIT:3 NYR:1
  2. G2: PIT:3 NYR:2
  3. G3: NYR:1 PIT:3
  4. G4: NYR:3 PIT:2
  5. G5: PIT:1 NYR:2 OT
  6. G6: NYR:2 PIT:6

2013 Stanley Cup Finals[edit]

San Jose vs. Pittsburgh[edit]

The Sharks and Penguins were both not expected in the Stanley Cup Finals, as the Sharks were making their first appearance in franchise history while the Penguins were making their fifth. Game 1 was a battle, but when it came to the right time, Sydnee Snodgrass fired a one-timer past Antti Niemi and gave the Penguins a 1-0 lead. This carried into game 2, where Pittsburgh won on a less-than-one-minute-remaining goal by Pascal Dupuis. The series shifted to Pittsburgh, where the Penguins won 2-0 and had the chance to take the next game. Game 4 was a 4-0 win for Pittsburgh as they won the Stanley Cup for the fourth time in franchise history.

  1. G1: PIT:3 SJ:2 OT
  2. G2: PIT:2 SJ:1
  3. G3: SJ:0 PIT:2
  4. G4: SJ:0 PIT:4

Custom 2014 Stanley Cup Playoffs[edit]

  First Round Second Round Conference Finals Stanley Cup Finals
1 Montreal Canadiens 2  
8 Toronto Maple Leafs 0  
2 Florida Panthers 0
7 Buffalo Sabres 1  
Eastern Conference
3 Pittsburgh Penguins 0  
6 Tampa Bay Lightning 2  
4 Boston Bruins 1
M3 Ottawa Senators 0  
1 Anaheim Ducks 0  
8 Edmonton Oilers 2  
2 Nashville Predators 1
7 Vancouver Canucks 0  
Western Conference
3 Calgary Flames 1  
6 Columbus Blue Jackets 1  
4 Phoenix Coyotes 1
5 San Jose Sharks 0  

Game Summaries[edit]

Western Conference[edit]


Anaheim vs. Edmonton[edit]

Note: Both of these teams lost in the first round last year.

The Ducks came in with a dissapointing playoffs in 2013, getting swept by the Detroit Red Wings. The Oilers lost to the Western Conference champ Sharks in the first round, and hope to make up for it with a round win. These teams last met in the 2006 Western Conference Finals, with the Oilers winning in 5 games.

  1. G1: EDM:4 ANA:2
  2. G2: EDM:1 ANA:0
  3. G3: ANA @ EDM
  4. G4: ANA @ EDM
Nashville vs. Vancouver[edit]

Note: Both of these teams lost in the first round last year.

The Predators and Canucks are squaring off in a rematch of the 2011 West semifinals. The Canucks won that series in 6 games.

  1. G1: VAN:1 NSH:4
  2. G2: VAN @ NSH
  3. G3: NSH @ VAN
  4. G4: NSH @ VAN
Calgary vs. Columbus[edit]

Note: Both teams missed the playoffs last year.

The Blue Jackets and Flames both returned to the playoffs, and met each other. The teams have never met before.

  1. G1: CBJ:1 CGY:2 2OT
  2. G2: CBJ:2 CGY:0
  3. G3: CGY @ CBJ
  4. G4: CGY @ CBJ
  5. G5: CBJ @ CGY
Phoenix vs. San Jose[edit]

The Coyotes are looking to get past the defending Western Conference champion Sharks, and it may not come easy for them. Their last meeting was in the 2002 Western Conference quarterfinals, with the Sharks winning in 5 games.

  1. G1: SJ:1 PHX:4
  2. G2: SJ @ PHX
  3. G3: PHX @ SJ
  4. G4: PHX @ SJ

Eastern Conference[edit]


Montreal vs. Toronto[edit]

The rivalry, undoubtetly the second-best in hockey, happens again for the first time since 1979.

  1. G1: TOR:0 MTL:3
  2. G2: TOR:0 MTL:2
  3. G3: MTL @ TOR
  4. G4: MTL @ TOR
Florida vs. Buffalo[edit]

Buffalo made it, but in 7th place, which is odd because of their talent with Marian Gaborik and other players. These two teams have never before met.

  1. G1: BUF:3 FLA:1
  2. G2: BUF @ FLA
  3. G3: FLA @ BUF
  4. G4: FLA @ BUF
Pittsburgh vs. Tampa Bay[edit]

The defending Stanley Cup champions will take on the Tampa Bay Lightning (the 6th seed for two straight years). These teams last met in the 2011 East quarterfinals, with the Lightning winning the series in 7 games.

  1. G1: TB:3 PIT:1
  2. G2: TB:4 PIT:1
  3. G3: PIT @ TB
  4. G4: PIT @ TB
Boston vs. Ottawa[edit]

The Boston Bruins and Ottawa Senators are going to meet for the first time ever.

  1. G1: OTT:0 BOS:3
  2. G2: OTT @ BOS
  3. G3: BOS @ OTT
  4. G4: BOS @ OTT