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I am a first year university student majoring in Natural Resource Sciences at Thompson Rivers University from 2013 until graudation. My hope is that one day Wikipedia will be usable by even scholarly institutions as a relevant source, as it is currently frowned upon. I change the content of articles primarily about British Columbia, and edit grammar in articles which need help. I have created a few articles that I consider my babies, although others have contributed to them both grammatically and content-wise.

Cjstepney's Articles[edit]

Here you will find only articles which I have either created myself or have contributed to significantly.


Prior to registering for an account on Wikipedia, I created one article and edited many others.

Membership Period[edit]

High-Contribution Articles[edit]

Due to my proximity to certain places, I keep articles related to them up to date.


I am interested in aviation, therefore I frequently update certain airports.

Other Online Work[edit]

Outside of Wikipedia, I do much work online for the benefit of others.