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I am an engineer who does facility construction projects for the the USAF. Most of my edits are of the spelling/grammar type, since I rarely have time to write "real" stuff, but I also try to add content and weight to articles when I think they need it. I rarely look to create whole pages from scratch, but have created several dozen pages after seeing non-existant links for subjects which I thought worthy - including creating a page on a beloved author from my childhood. My Wiki interests run the spectrum from Christianity, Aviation & Aerospace, History and all its facets, Music, Science Fiction & Fantasy, American Sports (especially Baseball), and American Movies and Television.

I follow hundreds of pages to try to keep the malicious editors away, but unlike some editors out there, do not "claim" pages in order to keep everyone else and their content away. However, I'm sure there are still several annonymous editors who think I'm a jerk because I've deleted their insertions - and I'm ok with that. I try to Ignore All Dramas but have also been known to be a somewhat of a Hypocrit in that area...

I've been on Wikipedia since Sept 2008 and have for the most part enjoyed the experience.

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