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If there's one place where I'm allowed to write in the first person, the user page has to be it. I'm taking full advantage of it. :-)

This page also serves as a bookmark list of some of my favourite Wikipedia entries.


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I'm Chris K. Jester-Young, a mid-30s software developer, generally known online as cky. I currently live in Raleigh, North Carolina.

A fair number of people ask whether my username has anything to do with their favourite band, and here I must regretfully disappoint. Back in 1998, when I started using that username, it just happened to be my initials at the time; it was many years later before I've heard of the band.

My primary interest is to bore anybody unlucky enough to read this page. :-P

Why I'm on Wikipedia[edit]

I started an account on Wikipedia because I am a stickler for spelling and, to a lesser extent, grammatical correctness. Most of my editing, therefore, will be of an editorial nature.

Shades of Chris[edit]

Below is a self-description, written mostly for self-gratification. How many other self- words can a self-centred narcissist like yours truly come up with today?

My online self[edit]

Most of my computing time is spent on the ‘art of coding’. I primarily code in Scheme, Ruby and Java, and in a distant past, C++, Perl, C, and IA-32 assembly language. I would love to learn Clojure, Haskell, Swift, and maybe Elixir soon, as well as x86-64 assembly language.

Most of my work is done on Unix-like systems, mainly Ubuntu, Debian, and OS X (and previously OpenBSD). I also use Windows 10 sometimes, but not as seriously as the Unix systems.

When not coding, I spend a large portion of my online time on Stack Overflow, Quora, Medium, Slack and IRC. I also play a lot of Minesweeper, and created my own version, EmojiSweeper (slides). Because I do a lot of typing, I decided to switch my keyboard layout to Dvorak in 2003, to see if it would make my typing more comfortable. It was a highly successful experiment, greatly reducing the frequency of painful wrists resulting from typing. I currently type at around 120 wpm.

My offline self[edit]

I'm an INFP, so I like discovering what people are about, and how to make their lives and relationships more fulfilling. I'm married to an INFJ, and we both enjoy people watching whenever we're out, and discussing how couples interact and what their likely strengths and weaknesses are, and using these data points to improve our marriage.

I used to listen to a lot of classical music, especially Bach (I find the Brandenburg Concertos ever so delightful), Beethoven, Chopin, and Schubert. These days, I listen to a lot more Taylor Swift.

Real-life Wikipedian acquaintances[edit]