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Hellwars is a free text based game which you can play with your Web browser. It belongs to group of MMORPG's (Massively Multiplayer Online Role Playing Games). Game was created long time ago, back in January 2005 and since then had huge success in this type of online games. With more than 100,000 registered accounts trough the last 6 years, game had it's glorious moments, but it's downfalls as well. Game gets reset every couple of months and all accounts start over, which gives opportunity to new players to become top ranked as well!


Game admin: Pablo (ingame name: join)
Forum admin: Kakibrun (ingame name: AW-Mystaya)
Game & forum moderator: Clam- (ingame name: Clam-)


Next reset is scheduled for February 2011, most likely during the first or second week.

Tutorial, Part 1: Basics[edit]

SA - Strike action DA - Defense action CA & SP - Covert action MP & MA - Magic power Att - Attack Def - Defense TBG - Turn based gold Mercs - Mercenaries GR - Gold rush HH - Happy hour UP - Unit production TFF - Total fighting force

Explanations are below:


Mercenaries are used as substitution for your TBG soldiers. TBG soldiers are all those soldiers which are making you income (your TBG). When you attack someone or someone attacks you, and difference in your SA & his DA, or his SA & your DA is small, both times you will lose soldiers. Since TBG soldiers are very precious and it's pretty hard to get large number of them, it's best to protect them. Best way to do that is if you 'hire', or I can just say, buy them. You can find them on 'Mercenaries' page. Keep in mind that they come after every turn and there is limited number of them. So if you want to get them, you must be fast at buying them. Untrained mercenaries die first, and after that, if you were hit, defense mercenaries will die next. If you run out of all of them, then your untrained TBG soldiers will die, and finally, if you are out of those as well, your defense soldiers will die last. Same goes with attack, just attack mercs & soldiers will die. Also, mercs do NOT make you any income.

Gold rush (GR)

Gold rushes appear randomly during the day and they multiply TBG from everybody on the battlefield by 10! (10x multiplier) You can also activate them with 1 ingot!

Happy hour (HH)

During the HH, all clicks you do are worth 3x! So for every click you do, you will get 3 credits. One credit gives you 1 soldier & 1 mana. During the HH, for each click you will get 3 soldiers & 3 mana. Those credits either get clicked by other players (clickers), but if they don't get clicked entirely, system will do it for us. System at every xx:00 & xx:30 turns them into soldiers & mana. It's important to have "Saving clicks OFF" if you want them to do that process, and if you want to save your credits, then turn that system ON. This feature can also be activated with 1 ingot.

Turn Based Gold

This is your income, it's the money you make per turn. Since turns come very often (every 5 minutes), it's obviously good to have this as high as possible. All soldiers (untrained, attack & defense ones) give you same amount of gold, only spies & sorcerers make less gold (half of what other soldiers make). So if you want TBG as high as possible, avoid training big amounts of spies and/or sorcerers, since they will obviously reduce your income. I would like to mention that Angels race gets 31 gold per soldier, and other races get 25 gold per one soldier (untrained, attack one or defense trained one). Mercenaries do NOT make you any income!


You gain as much mana per turn, as high your Mana production is. You also gain mana for every credit you make. Important thing to mention is that Mana is used for sabotaging other players weapons (you can destroy other players weapons, yes, but not in large numbers, we'll get to that in some other guide), as well as powerblasting other players (you can also kill their soldiers, we'll get to that some other time as well), but you can also use it to either sell it on Market (for ingots, gold or something else) and use it to trade it for untrained soldiers (in Magic section of the game). I'll let you research that a bit on your own.


Turns are used to attack other players. You get one (1) turn every 5 minutes. You can attack players with 1 turn, 2 turns, 3 turns and all up to 15 turns. If you want to 'probe' someone (test his defense), you should use 1 turn - that way, if his defense is high, you won't waste many turns, but you will lose only one and you will find out his defense. If you want to get as much gold as possible from him, you must use 15 turns.

Unit production This is how many untrained soldiers you get every turn. The higher you get it, more soldiers you will make daily, without clicking. However, keep in mind that there is no such UP which could replace even one hour of clicking daily (unless you are clicking really slow :P)!

Tutorial, Part 2: Registration[edit]

Step 1.

Even though you are here now after you registered your accounts, I will still write advantages of each race, so next time when you register your account (e.g. for new Era), you know which race to select. There are four (4) races in Hellwars:
A) Angels – this race will give 25% bonus to your income (TBG)
B) Demons – this race will reward you with 35% bonus to your attack
C) Undeads – this race will give 25% to your magic
D) Draconians – this race will give 40% to your defense
Now you are probably wondering which race suits you the most. Well, if you plan to get a lot of soldiers and plan to build all stats equally, this is the right race for you. 25% bonus to your income is quite a lot later in the game, when your income grows bigger (lets say your income is 10mil per turn, with race of Angels, you would be getting 12,5mil per turn) – so it’s noticeable indeed. If you plan to build your defense mostly, then you should obviously go with Draconians race, because you get 40% bonus added to it – and it will be easier to build it! With Undeads you get 25% bonus to magic, and magic is one of the most important stats, if not most important, especially during the wars (it will be explained later). Demons give 35% bonus to your strike action (attack) and are useful to those who don’t plan to spend a lot of time playing this game, but only plan to burn their turns often and become slayers (this style will be explain later as well). So that would be enough for now, about races!

Step 2.
When you register a new account, you have 1,000,000 gold stored in your bank. Bank is a place where you can save your cash and nobody can ever touch it! There are two ways to get money into your bank. First way is if you sell your weapons – gold earned from selling your weapons is going into the bank. Second way of saving cash into the bank is if you buy Premium account (for the record, it costs $10 for 3 months, but there are also cheaper ones which last one week or one month) and then you have a button on which you can click to bank your cash. Now, with those 1 million gold there is not much you can do. If you don’t plan to invest much time into this game, maybe best thing to do with them is to raise your Unit production (this gives you XX amount of soldiers & XX amount of mana per turn, depends on what level you have your Unit production at). However, if you plan to play this game like a real player, who is actually building his way to the top ranks, I would recommend you invest this into your defense or strike (it depends if you plan to build your defense or strike, but for start, I always go with defense, since that’s one way to keep my gold safe!). Keep in mind that if you buy 500 weapons, you also must have enough soldiers to hold those weapons. So for example, if you have 500 weapons, but only 300 soldiers, your defense/strike will be only what those 300 soldiers can carry! Also it’s important to have your soldiers trained. Trained soldiers give more power to those weapons (example, if you are holding attack weapons, train attack soldiers).

Step 3.
Now when you’ve got your account registered and you’ve spent your first million gold, it’s time to get serious. From this moment, you must decide what you want to do. There are several different styles (if you do not understand what some phrases like “clicking” means, please click on the link I submitted in the following text): 1) A clicker – with this style, you are clicking a lot daily/weekly, especially during the Happy hours and this style requires the most effort, however, you can achieve the most with it. Top ranks with clicking have never been closer! Some players click up to 150,000 per day, but to be a successful player, you really don’t have to click that much, but somewhat like 10,000 or 15,000 per day can get you far!
2) Slayer – this type of players are those with some skills in their hands and some game experience – slayer is a person known as ‘SA whore’ – it means he’s just building his strike, spending all his income on strike & turns on it. He must be quite often online to get good hits and it’s important for him to have some friend with high spy, so he can see top guys with most gold. If slayer is building both strike & spy, then he might not be as successful as he’d be if he was spending all his gold in strike & nothing else but strike! Slayers sometimes wake up at night to make good hits, when most of the game is asleep and they must stay close to top defensive players to keep farming on them from day one, otherwise they will be stuck behind and won’t do top hits as often as usually they would. I wouldn’t recommend this style to anyone without some ‘slaying’ experience from this or other similar games from before.
3) DA whore – this is my favorite style, because almost every time I play, I play like this. DA whore is a person who is investing most of his resources into defense. Whatever money you get from your income, put into defense. To be successful at this, you also have to do part-time clicking – this doesn’t mean you must click 200k per week, but clicking daily or weekly at least some decent amounts will get you far! With high defense, not many will be able to attack you, so when you are not here for an hour or two, you could come back and keep all the gold you make per turn! Since I don’t like to share my gold with other players, I prefer this style, because sometimes I can sleep for few hours and wake up, bank and go back to sleep without losing anything!
4) Ranker – players like this are going for top rank from day one when Era starts. They usually keep one stat higher than the others, it’s most likely to be a strike, since they must spend turns to keep up with clickers & DA whores who are saving all their gold for themselves. However, if I am the one to judge if this style is successful or not, according to my career and what I’ve seen in the past few years, those who used to rank at start and in the middle of Era, usually very rarely ended high at the end of Era, when rank is most important. They would be either out of turns, would have too little army size to train lots of spies or would even have too small army size to hold all the weapons! So if you want a bit of fame from the early beginnings, go with this style, keep raising all 4 stats equally, but don’t hope for too much at the end of Era, because I doubt you can compete for top10 with this style, especially if you aren’t clicking much, but just spending turns to make good gold hits at start and trough the Era.
5) Sabber – this used to be quite popular style for those who wanted to make others to suffer and as well they were very useful in big clans, because they’d be able to revenge every team-member of theirs for something what others would do to him! Person like this is mostly raising his Magic power and some strike, so he’s able to farm weaker accounts to get lots of gold. As always, clicking is very much welcomed in this style, since he requires also a lot of income to keep up with top clickers. Player with this style very rarely ends high at the end of Era because either he gets sabbed by others when he buys weapons or he spends all magic on powerblasting. Don’t go with this style unless you want lots of enemies! 6) All-spy player - if you want your army size to be as low as possible (although in this game army size doesn't matter when someone attacks you or you attack somebody else) and would like to see everything on battlefield, this is your style! Players using this tactic usually train all their soldiers, as many as possible to Spy and keep raising their Covert level. This is crucial, because if you aren't raising your covert level, then it's useless to train many spies, because every covert level is increasing your Spy for 2x - and it only gets expensive later in the Era. Also, everybody likes players with lots of spy. They are useful to find good gold hits and they also don't need big strike, because they can see all those who are hiding under 'high spy' rank.


- These things are not allowed and will be punished by mods: - Punishments are: 1st offense 24 hours, 2nd offense 72 hours, 3rd offense permanent ban

 * Use an autoclicker or buyer or ANY other automated program or device.
 * Registering more then 1 account per player.
 * Get advantage from a glitch in the game. If you find one, report it immediatly.
 * Send soldiers/gold/mana through market. Market is only for REAL offers. Selloffs and Prizes are not allowed.
 * Make offers in the market to protect your troops, gold or another resource will mean a ban. 
 * Hack or try to hack an account of another Lords Of Aman player.
 * Share your account: This includes anyone playing or NOT playing the game. No bankers or clickers other then YOURSELF.
 * Use the message system to send massive mails promoting another website, homepage, tool, or program.
 * Sending harassing, obscene, or illegal material through the game's messaging system, shoutbox, or on the forum.
 * Use bad language in our shoutbox or forum. 
 * No transactions or attacking between accounts that have ever been on the same land line IP address (cable, 
   dial up if anyone still uses it, dsl) - ie. husband/wife, parent/child, siblings etc.
 * Mobile IP addresses are permitted to make  transaction and attacks as long as they are linked within their 
   own country only and DO NOT violate the linked rule about a home line. - ie. if your linked by a home IP you still 
   can not trade or attack from a cell phone IP.


If you have any questions regarding the game or anything else related to Hellwars, feel free to contact Hellwars Staff via E-mail:


Due to this website being blacklisted by Wikipedia, I decided not to put up a clickable link. However, I will spell it out, so I could get feedback on this article and explanation of person who will check it for me to see what is wrong with it. Please don't delete this article, I will remove the link from it if it will still be blacklisted after the following 12h.

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