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Articles created[edit]

Lead 1[edit]

NRHP Masonic Hall



{{Registered Historic Places}

[[Category:Registered Historic Places in California] [[Category:Mendocino County, California] [[Category:Masonic buildings] {{California-NRHP-stub}

Lead 2[edit]

Lead 3[edit]

Lead 4[edit]

Lead 5[edit]

  • California Landmark 927
  • Temple of Kwan Tai
  • 45160 Albion Street
  • Mendocino
  • Built Sometime Between 1854 and 1883

Lead 6[edit]

{{Registered Historic Places}

[[Category:Registered Historic Places in California] [[Category:Carpenter Gothic architecture] [[Category:Humboldt County, California] {{California-NRHP-stub}

Lead 9[edit]

Lead 10[edit]

Lead 11[edit]

Lead 12[edit]

{{WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|class=Stub} {{WikiProject Ohio|class=Stub|importance=Low} {{reqphoto|in=Ohio}

Lead 13[edit]

Lead 14[edit]

Lead 15[edit]

Lead 16 DONE[edit]

  • Tabernacle of His Presence
  • Jensen Beach Community Church
  • First Baptist Church

Lead 17 Mitchell County Courthouse (Texas) - DONE[edit]

Lead 18 Mills County Courthouse[edit]

Mills County, Texas

Lead 19 Henderson County Courthouse (Texas) DONE[edit]

Lead 20 disambig[edit]

Henderson County Courthouse can refer to:


Lead 21 Henderson County Courthouse (North Carolina)[edit]

Lead 22 Church of the Brethren (Hygiene, Colorado) Done[edit]

  • {{WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|class=Stub}

{{WikiProject Colorado|class=Stub|importance=Low}

  • Church of the Brethren (added 1984 - Building - #84000794)
  • 17th Ave., Hygiene
  • Historic Significance: Event, Architecture/Engineering
  • Architectural Style: No Style Listed
  • Area of Significance: Architecture, Religion
  • Period of Significance: 1875-1899
  • Owner: Private
  • Historic Function: Funerary, Religion
  • Historic Sub-function: Cemetery, Religious Structure
  • Current Function: Religion, Social
  • Current Sub-function: Civic

Lead 23 South Park Community Church Done[edit]

Lead 24 Ryssby Church Longmont Colorado[edit]

  • Needs cleanup

Lead 25 Dawson County Courthouse (Nebraska)[edit]

Lead 26 Allen's Opera House[edit]

{{WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|class=Stub} {{WikiProject Nebraska|class=Stub|importance=Low}

Allen's Opera House
Allen's Opera House from SW 2.JPG
Allen's Opera House in July 2010
Location 100 E. Eighth, Cozad, Nebraska
Area 0.9 acres (0.36 ha)
Built 1906
Architect Charles Hart
Architectural style Two-part commercial block
MPS Opera House Buildings in Nebraska 1867-1917 MPS
NRHP reference # 88000951[2]
Added to NRHP September 28, 1988



{{National Register of Historic Places}

[[Category:National Register of Historic Places in Nebraska] [[Category:Dawson County, Nebraska]


Lead 26 Bartow County Courthouse[edit]

  • [{{WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|class=Stub}
  • {{WikiProject Georgia (U.S. state)|class=Stub|importance=Low}

Lead 27 DONE Old Bartow County Courthouse[edit]

Lead 28 Lake Butler Woman's Club[edit]

  • created from redirect

Lead 29 DONE Red Barn (Okeechobee, Florida)[edit]

Lead 30 DONE Johnson Helm House[edit]

Lead 31 DONE Masonic Temple of Citrus Lodge No. 18, F. and A.M.[edit]

Lead 32 DONE Nassau County Courthouse (Florida)[edit]

  • 416 Centre Street, Fernandina Beach, FL 32034
    • NEW: Judicial Annex: 76347 Veteran's Way, Yulee, FL 32097

[3] [4] [5]

In 1989, the Nassau County Courthouse was listed in A Guide to Florida's Historic Architecture, published by the University of Florida Press.[3]


Lead 33 DONE Old Nassau County Courthouse[edit]

Preservation Notes Newsletter, Nos. 1 and 2 Fall 2002: Old Nassau County Courthouse John G. Waite Associates: Old Nassau County Courthouse] [Weir, Richard, Thomas Suozzi praises renovated Nassau County Courthouse, New York Daily News, Feb. 28, 2008</ref>

Lead 34 Gilchrist County Courthouse[edit]

Lead 35 Old Town Methodist Church[edit]

  • Old Town United Methodist Church
    • just West of the intersection of 19/98/27 and CR 349 in Old Town, Florida.
    • 25633 SE Highway 19, Old Town, FL 32680
    • Pastor Carl F. Rainear

Lead 36 Trenton Church of Christ[edit]

  • S. Main St. at SE 1st Ave, Trenton, Fl
  • New Church: 502 Northeast 7th Street, Trenton, FL

Lead 37 DONE First Baptist Church (Trenton, Florida)[edit]

  • 118 NE 2nd St trenton florida

Lead 38 Trenton City Hall (Trenton, Florida)[edit]

  • Trenton city hall01.jpg
  • Trenton city hall02.jpg

Lead 39 DONE Trenton Depot[edit]

Lead 40 House at 411 North Tracey Street[edit]

Lead 41 Waits Mansion[edit]

  • 209 W. Kansas Avenue, Bonifay, FL, SW corner of Hamlin St.
  • [George Orkney Waits

Lead 42 Blount Building[edit]

Location 3 West Garden Street Client William Alexander Blount Engineer C. H. Turner Current Owner Rainwater family Completion Date 1907 Cost $200,000 Size Seven stories

Lead 43 First National Bank Building (Pensacola, Florida)[edit]

Lead 44 DONE Bradenton Bank and Trust Company Building[edit]

Professional Building (Bradenton, Florida)

  • 1023 Manatee Avenue West, Bradenton, FL

lead 45 Memorial Pier (Bradenton, Florida)[edit]

Bradenton Memorial Pier

Memorial Pier
Bradenton FL memorial pier02.jpg
General information
Architectural style Mediterranean Revival
Town or city Manatee River
Bradenton, Florida
Country United States
Construction started 1925
Completed 1927
Design and construction
Architect unknown
Engineer Builder: unknown

Lead 46 DONE Woodmen Hall (Stuart, Florida)[edit]

Lead 47 DONE Woodmen Hall (Saint Onge, South Dakota)[edit]

Lead 48 Woodmen Hall[edit]

Woodmen Hall may refer to:

Lead 49 Old Town Elementary School (Old Town, Florida) DONE[edit]

Lead 50 DONE Praetorian Building (Waco, Texas)[edit]

Lead 51 Hough - Stuart House[edit]

8 Point Pleasant Walking Tour 104 15th Street West: Built 1913? For Ollie L. Stuart and wife Sue. Along with H.G. Reed, Ollie owned a general merchandise store called “Reed and Stuart”. When Dr. J.B. Leffinwell and his son, Jack (who lived on Curry’s Point), decided to open up a telephone company, Ollie offered to host the switchboard at his store. This was the beginning of Standard Telephone Company. It started with ten phones and quickly grew to a fifty line switchboard, but it was a county service with no outside communication. Ollie and Jack ran lines along the Western Union Telegraph Company’s poles into Tampa, but they were denied access into the city by the Sheriff of Tampa who said that their company would compete with the one established in the city. Instead, the two men made an agreement with the telegraph company. Eventually, the local telephone company was incorporated into the Peninsular Telephone Company which eventually became GTE and then, Verizon as we know it today. He worked also for Stuart, Vaught, Munch realtors and for a time captained the steamboat, Terra Ceia. He married Sue Hough in 1893. Sue was born in 1871 and was raised in the Village of Manatee. She served in the Manatee County School System her entire adult life, and was Superintendent of Schools. Ollie died in 1936 and his widow continued to live here until her death in 1951.

Hough - Stuart House
General information
Architectural style ?
Town or city 104 15th St., W.
Bradenton, Florida
Country United States
Completed ca 1913
Design and construction
Architect unknown
Engineer Builder: unknown

Lead 52 Josiah Gates House[edit]

{{Infobox Historic building |name = Josiah Gates House |image = Bradenton FL Josiah Gates House02.jpg |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = .
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = ca |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = ? |size = }

Lead 53 First Baptist Church (Bradenton, Florida)[edit]

  • First Baptist Church, 1306 Manatee Ave. W., (1912):

On March 10, 1889, Elder T.J. Sparkman, a pioneer Baptist minister delivered the first sermon at the temporary county courthouse, the Gaar House. There were twelve persons in attendance who indicated an interest in organizing a Baptist Church in Bradenton. It was constituted on May 12, 1889 with twenty charter members. They met at the courthouse for three years. By 1898, the membership was fifty-eight. The first house of worship was a wooden structure on the corner of Manatee Avenue and Main Street. In 1912, under the pastorate of J.T.B. Anderson, the new brick structure was built. Designed in Eclectic Romanesque Revival, it combined several historic architectural modes. The main structure has changed several times over the years. A fire in 1946 changed the interior. The widening of Manatee Avenue was a factor in altering the main entrance. The spires remain untouched, except for the southeast corner which was hit by lightening. The church stands as it was a monument to those early families who worshiped here.

{{Infobox Historic building |name = First Baptist Church |image = Bradenton FL 1st Baptist Church01.jpg |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = 1306 Manatee Ave. W.
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = 1912 |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = Eclectic Romanesque Revival |size = }

Lead 54 First Methodist Church (Bradenton, Florida)[edit]

The church was built on land donated by John Crews Pelot. The first sermon was delivered by Rev. Smith Hardin. It is an excellent example of Neoclassical Revival Architecture with fine stained and leaded glass windows. A sizeable addition to the original structure was competed in 1956. {{Infobox Historic building |name = First Methodist Church |image = Bradenton FL 1st Methodist Church02.jpg |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = 603 11th St. W.
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = 1922 |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = Classical Revival |size = }

Lead 55 Stephens House (Bradenton, Florida)[edit]

{{Infobox Historic building |name = Stephens House |image = Bradenton FL MVHP Stephens House01.jpg |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town =
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = ca |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = ? |size = }

Lead 56 United Abstract Building[edit]

United Abstract Building, 526 12th St. W. (1925): This handsome masonry building displays a Beaux-Arts, Neoclassical Revival main facade of buff colored brick with Georgian Limestone detailing. Presently in excellent condition and unaltered, this building continues to be occupied by the same business that originally built it.

{{Infobox Historic building |name = United Abstract Building |image = |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = 526 12th St. W.
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = 1825 |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = Classical Revival |size = }

Lead 57 Manatee River Hotel[edit]

  • The Manatee River Hotel, 309 10th St. W., (1925), (the large pink building

{{Infobox Historic building |name = Manatee River Hotel |image = |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = 309 10th St. W.
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = ca 1913 |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = ? |size = }

Lead 58 Fuller Block (Bradenton, Florida)[edit]

  • Fuller Block
  • The Fuller Block and the Clifton Addition, 442-456 12th [st]Ave. W. and 1206 Manatee Ave. W., (1905-06):

Mr. Fuller and Mr. Anderson constructed the main section of this Renaissance Revival Eclectic structure of native yellow rock from Mr. Fuller's quarry further up the Manatee River. The concern housed " a magnificently fitted room" on the third floor. The addition was made the following year and housed two drug stores and attorney's office on the second floor. The decorative parapet with tile insets was added at a later date. The entire block, including the Clifton addition, came to be known as the Fuller Block. It later housed the Manatee River National Bank.

  • [The last building on the right is the important FULLER BUILDING (1905), 450 12th Street, a three story Renaissance Revival structure with native yellow rock and a decorative tiled parapet. For years, it was the Manatee River National Bank. The backside,� known as the CLIFTON ADDITION (1906) added offices.

{{Infobox Historic building |name = Fuller Block |image = |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = 442-456 12th St. W./ 1206 Manatee Ave. W
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = 1905, addition 1906 |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = ? |size = }

Lead 59 DONEPeninsular Telephone Company Building[edit]

  • Peninsula Telephone Building located at 1009 4th Ave. W., (1925). This structure was designed by local architect, J. H. Johnson "to be a replica of the company's home in St. Petersburg." It is of blond brick with glazed terra cotta ornamentation. It was built in 1925 to accommodate the rapidly growing communication system in Manatee County and to house the all new dialing system.

Lead 60 Walcaid Building[edit]

{{Infobox Historic building |name = Walcaid Building |image = |caption = |map_type = |coordinates = |location_town = 1101 6th Ave. W.
Bradenton, Florida |location_country = United States |architect = unknown |client = |engineer = Builder: unknown |construction_start_date = |completion_date = ca 1923 |date_demolished = |cost = |structural_system = |style = Mediterranean Revival |size = }

Lead 61 DONE Goldfield Hotel converted from redirect[edit]

Goldfield Hotel, S.E. corner of Crook Avenue (U.S. 95 and Columbia (sometimes called Columbus) Street, Goldfield

Lead 62 Goldfield High School[edit]

Lead 63 DONE Esmeralda County Courthouse[edit]

Lead 64 DONE Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Fort Lauderdale, Florida)[edit]

Lead 65 DONE Coca-Cola Bottling Plant (Trenton, Florida)[edit]

Lead 66 DONE Ingham County Courthouse[edit]

{{WikiProject National Register of Historic Places|class=Stub} {{WikiProject Michigan|class=Stub|importance=Low}

Lead 67 Baraga County Courthouse[edit]

Baraga County Courthouse
Location 16 North 3rd Street, L'Anse, Michigan
Built 1884-1885
Architect William Appleyard; builder: J. B. Sweatt
Architectural style(s) Late Victorian
Governing body Baraga County, Michigan
Designated May 21, 1985
Reference no. P22525
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