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I suffer from ARMD, to those who do not know what this is look it up. I am also as a side effect of ARMD I experience VISIONS. Really this is known as Charles Bonnet Syndrome. Look that up too.

I would like to extend appreciation to Jahn Majeuris who started this entry early this year, but he keeps a low profile. I hope he will see this and contact me at my email address.

I was born October 7 1924; you can calculate the age yourself. Harrow School, 1938 to 1940, NYC Lincoln School of Teacher"s college to 1942, Cornell 1942 to 1944, AUS, that is to say drafted to 1946 and back to Cornell> I was graduated 1950 with BME, BEE and MSc. Back in the Army Signal Corps to 1953 and finally in the WESTERN ELECTRIC Co, BTL, and Lucent. Retirement started in 1989. For brevity I left out a number of interludes in France, Poland, England, Hawaii, India, Germany, all of these more than three months each. I am currently collecting memories for a book.

In spite of what some people aver sam76 language is not merely descended from TRAC. TRAC provided some of the inspiration but equally important was GPM and M6. The acronym SAM was created by the initial letters of STRACHEY and Mc ILROY the developers of the two languages cited above.

I did all of the coding for the CP/M versions and merely translated that code to C. I kept the same subrouting, and variable names all the way through. In the source code in C the JS prefix in the name of any module stands for Jump to Subrouting, or rather Calls. This was also programmed in Macro 10. In the late 1960 The RESISTORS[1], you can look that up also, added a number of useful functions to the source code including Vector Plot capability and that was used to print the True Type fonts created by A. V. Hershey of the U.S. navy Weapons development Labs. These Fonts are all available in the distribution disk.

There is a lot more history associated with the sam76 language which will probably be included in a book I am in the process. Please excuse all the typos on this page. I truly am typing blind and even though I can listen to this with READINGBAR, I am too lazy to fix them. Take what you get and be happy.

Your friend Claude Kagan