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Hello, I'm most interested in the history of technology. I'm also interested in emerging technologies, innovative companies, and creative individuals. I think it's important to accurately document this stuff, in no small part because it's often disputed and it becomes harder to set the record straight as time passes. Despite that so much information is being stored on the Internet, there are still accuracy concerns, and most history is subject to interpretation.

Articles I have created:

History of smart antennas


Bucky-Potter grid



The Marfan Foundation

Articles I am working on:

Existing pages I have contributed to or believe I can help improve:

Heinrich Rudolf Hertz

Samuel F.B. Morse (Contributed text about first trans-Atlantic cable)

Karl Ferdinand Braun (Contributed text about invention of phased array antenna.)

Wireless Telegraphy

Antonie van Leeuwenhoek

Oliver Lodge (Contributed text about his experiments with Leyden jars and observation of electromagnetic waves)

Guglielmo Marconi

Reginald Fessenden (added mention of his pioneering work re: continuous waves to lead paragraph)

Lee de Forest

Edwin H. Armstrong

Philo T. Farnsworth

Andrew Viterbi

Leslie A. Geddes

Paul Zoll

Fingerstick (Added measurement of blood coagulation time as a key application)

Albert Starr

MIMO (Drew distinction in lead paragraph between smart antenna functions and MIMO as a method of exploiting multipath propagation to multiply capacity)

Potential new articles:

Frank F. Allbritten Jr.

Hitachi Aloka (company)

Avery Biomedical Devices (company)

Vincent Gott

Herman Blumgart

Gustav Bucky

Benedict Cassen

William Chardack

Richard DeWall

Harvey Feigenbaum

Seymour Furman

Karl Storz (company)

C. Edmund Kells


Tsutomu Sato (ophthalmologist)


AliveCor (company)

Honeywell HomMed (company)

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