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My name is Claus Hindsgaul. I live in Copenhagen and am an engineer (M.Sc, Phd) within the area of energy, especially combustion and thermal gasification of biomass.

After my masters study, I have been researching gasification at the Biomass Gasification Group at DTU for 8 years, mainly working on the wood fired Viking Gasifier CHP pilot plant. My PhD Thesis Disintegration of beech wood char during thermal conversion describe the physical degradation of wood during gasification/combustion, focusing on its orthotropic molecular diffusion and strength properties.

I am now working as a consultant for municipal waste incineration plants (waste-to-energy) around the world. I am an expert in energy systems, steam cycles and turbines for combined heat and power production, waste boilers, flue gas condensation and alternative waste treatment such as gasification and pyrolysis.

Other interests include good beer (I homebrew some myself) and music. I have two girls aged 4 and 7 years (2017).