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CleanupWorklistBot is a bot operated by Bamyers99 that generates article cleanup listings for WikiProjects. It runs on Wikimedia Labs. It is a replacement for User:Svick/WikiProject cleanup listing which was a replacement for User:B. Wolterding/Cleanup listings.

The bot runs once a week on Tuesday.

The current cleanup listings can be found here.

The cleanup categories can be found here (GitHub).

Adding a project[edit]

Adding a project is usually straight forward if the project assessment categories have been named using the WikiProject name.

  • Access the project test tool.
  • Enter the project name in the form and press submit.
  • If "Master project list configuration line:" is displayed, enter the text after the : in the master project list and save it. That is it.
  • If "Project articles category: Not found" is displayed, leave a message on the talk page and the bot operator will assist.

Linking to the lists[edit]


Direct links[edit]

  • Alphabetic results: [[toollabs:bambots/cwb/alpha/Pinball.html|Alphabetic cleanup listing]]
  • By category results: [[toollabs:bambots/cwb/bycat/Pinball.html|By category cleanup listing]]
  • Specific category: [ Orphaned articles cleanup listing] Note: Spaces in the category name need to be replaced with %20

Cleanup list types[edit]

  • Alphabetic
  • By category
  • CSV file - Format: "Article","Importance","Class","Count","Oldest month","Categories"
  • List history

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