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Monte Warden

Texan 'Burst onto the Austin scene at the tender age of 15, fronting a neo-rockabilly trio called Whoa, Trigger! In 1986 formed the Wagoneers, a foursome that landed a recording contract with A & M. Issued two LP's. 1989 'got off the bus' to focus on family life and songwriting. Patty Loveless, Kelly Willis and Toni Price have all recorded some of his tunes.' (Robert K.Oermann, Nashville 1993 - Sleeve notes from Monte Warden - Monte Warden)


1994 Monte Warden Watermelon CD1015 Don't know a thing (Warden, Palermo, Fordham), Forever from now on (Warden), 'Til she walked in (Palermo, Warden), Give my heart a break (Warden) The only one (duet with Kelly Willis) (Warden, Robison) It's amazing (Warden, Kostas) Feel better (Warden) Everyday we fall in love (Warden, Lloyd) Just to hear your voice (Warden) All I want is you (Warden, Kennerly) Car seat (Warden, Wilson, Neuenschwander) Recorded @ The Hit Shack, Austin, Texas Mixed @ Austin Recording Studio, Austin, Texas

1995 Here I am WMCD1057 Here I am (Warden, Palermo) The way I feel (Warden, Palermo) I need you (Warden) Dyin' inside (Warden, Palermo) You're in love (Warden, Palermo) Wall around your heart (Warden) Teardrops (Warden, Mitchell) Wicked Lies (Warden, Palermo) Just Like Me (Warden, Kennerley) Do you remember (Warden)

Recorded @ Pdernales Studios, Briarcliff, Texas Mixed @ Austin Recording Studio, Austin, Texas

1999 A Stranger to me now 62273-2 Asylum Records Your heart will come around (Warden) The love you promised me (Warden, Vega, Bettis) It's only love (Warden, Boyd) For you (Warden, Noble) I take your love (Warden, Palermo) A stranger to me now (Warden, Lloyd) Someday (Warden, Noble) Just to hear your voice (Warden) I can't tell my heart what to do (Warden, Lloyd) Madeline (Palermo, Robison) Another Try (Warden, Lloyd)

Recorded @ Brian Wilson's house and Masterfonics, Nashville, Tennessee