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The Flogging Fir[edit]

The Flogging Fir is a hybrid tree creation that is known for its nutritious fruit, medicinal sap, but also its violent nature. Contrary to its name, the Flogging Fir is actually closer related to the oak tree and the apple tree rather than a fir.

The Flogging Fir in its natural state.

However, this tree is unlike any other tree in that it produces fruits that look like apples. These fruits are high in energy, yielding 2,000 calories each, and they are also rich in electrolytes. The caloric content and electrolytes makes the Flogging Fir's fruit desirable in conditions that are physically demanding.

A nutritious fruit from The Flogging Fir

However, the Flogging Fir will not simply let anyone remove its precious fruit. The tree's violent nature has been known to cause the brutal deaths of many fruit thieves. Also, to ensure the capitol has complete control, it is up to the game-makers discretion when this hybrid tree becomes active and inactive.



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