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My name is Cleon Teunissen, I'm from the Netherlands.

My background is physics.
I have written an article about the Structure of Space and Time for the purpose of showing to other wikipedia editors how I understand special relativity. Check it out.

My special interest is the physics of rotation. (From the point of view of Newtonian dynamics)

I have contributed to many articles, here are a couple that I care about especially.

The following wikipedia articles were started by me, and at the point of writing this, edits by other editors have been minor.
Eötvös effect
Mass flow meters

I have contributed a lot to the Sagnac effect article. I do not agree with everything that is in the current version of the article, but on wikipedia that can happen.

I maintain a website of my own, with physics articles. I very much like the way wikipedia shows images, so I copied that layout.
Some of the articles on my own website are not on wikipedia at all, some are to a large extend copies of articles that I uploaded to wikipedia.