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Cleve Adams has more than 27 years of computer/software industry experience, including over 12 years in the Internet software/security marketplace. His business insight and executive management style has produced an impressive history of growing and managing companies from startup to more than $1.3B in market value. His skills extend to selling companies for significant returns to its investors or taking them through IPO’s creating billion dollar corporations. CEO, High Tower Software – High Tower is a global provider of information security products providing real-time visibility, alerts, and reports on network threats and organizational policy violations. Established in 1999 with technology originally developed at NASA, High Tower’s award-winning line of Security Information & Event Management (SIEM) appliances with proprietary analytics, MetaRules™, simplify the process of analyzing and managing large volumes of network and security data. Adams was hired on by the private equity owners to turn this company around. CEO, Puresight Inc — the number one provider of advanced content recognition and management solutions for mobile operators and Enterprise markets. PureSight's proprietary Advanced Content Recognition (ACR™) technology, dynamically analyzes and classifies Internet content in real-time to ensure complete coverage of the constantly changing Internet environment. Adams took this company from a fledgling company in the security filtering space and repositioned it be a technology leader in the Mobile/wireless market in just over 1 year. He then sold the company to BCGI a leader in the mobile/wireless marketplace. Vice President of Sales and Marketing — Websense Inc. an Internet Security Software company that went public in March 2000. Adams was largely credited as the key figure behind the company's transformation from a pre-revenue security startup to a $750 million global corporation in the span of just four years. Today Websense has a $1.3B market cap, over half of the Fortune 500 and over 19,500 corporations as customers. Additionally it has over 1100 resellers, distributors and strategic partners in 82 countries. Average return to early investors of Websense was 3400%. Previously Adams was the Executive Vice President of Sequel Technologies, Inc. an Internet security software startup sold to Tivoli.

Adams has also served as President and CEO of Acusoft, a client/server software company that he sold to Platinum Technologies. 

Adams also was the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing for ICON Intl., a Storage Area Network (SAN) start-up that sold to EMC Squared, creating a significant return to investors in all five cases. He has also held similar positions with Novell and Texas Instruments. Adams has built and managed five successful High Tech startups and has raised over $88M in venture capital. He holds an MBA from Pepperdine University.